Monday 26 May 2014

DISMEMBERMENT - Embrace The Dark - Album Review

Embrace The Dark cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: April 29th 2014
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Embrace The Dark - track listing:

1.Confess Your Flesh 02:24
2.Eye Of The Keeper 02:31
3.Archaic Wisdom 05:16
4.Labyrinth 04:02
5.Sacrifice Reality 04:25
6.Aura Of Obscurity 05:31
7.Anathema 04:31
8.Monolithic Impurity 05:14
9.Born To Consume 04:18


We are a metal band from southern Ohio. Formed in 2010, we are fueled by the desire and ambition to create music that is pushing the boundaries beyond what one would expect in certain metal genres. Inspired by bands of the past, we draw our inspiration while injecting our own breed of aggression, passion and fury. We do this because we are fans of metal music, it is what drives us, keeps us inspired and gives us the desire to continue forging onward creating and spreading our music.

Without the help of management we have garnered a great deal of exposure and reviews through various blogs, zines, websites and were featured in Metal Hammer Magazine’s Razor Issue 221 Compilation CD along side many notable metal acts. We have self released 2 EP’s, 'The Condemned' in 2011 and ‘Denied Salvation’ in 2012. 2014 with see the debut of our first full length release, 'Embrace The Dark'. It is our intent to create compelling music that continually pushes the boundaries of what's expected in metal music.

The Band Members

Luke Shively - Guitars/Vocals
Jacob Shively - Guitars
Taylor Emerine - Drums
J.D. Henderly - Bass


Dismemberment are a hotly tipped Black/Thrash/Death Metal band from Ohio, USA. Their debut album Embrace The Dark showcases a band who never take the foot off the pedal as this one fast and furious fucked up release. Taking influences from Carcass, Toxic Holocaust and Napalm Death up to a point. Dismemberment will delight all you thrash/death heads as this album has a lot of pissed off riffs to take it's anger upon.

Lead Vocalist – Luke – sings with conviction as he shouts and grunts his way through an actioned packed ride of terror, thrills and spills. Can I say this without hurting the bands image but they have written some catchy as hell tunes which had me rocking out in no time at all.

The album has it's fair share of standout tracks mainly coming from Confess Your Flesh, Archaic Wisdom and Labyrinth being some of the early highlights. The band never lose sight of their demonic style of carnage and they pull it off with gusto and conviction from a band you wouldn't expect to hear on a debut album.

It's to the bands credit and talent they add elements of Doom and gloom atmospherics on the album which gives the album a more darker and refined edge. Though the band truly pull out all the stops on the 2nd half of the album as the mood becomes slightly more darker and slightly sinister and it makes for one hell of an exciting ride into the darkness.

Aura Of Obscurity proves that Dismemberment can write a haunting and sinister tune that evokes memories of early Opeth but still maintaining their own identity. Anathema sees the band pay homage to their thrash metal roots as they once again play some stunning fast paced riffs with a lot of groove.

Embrace The Dark is a hard-hitting affair that pushes all of the right buttons for a Death/Thrash/Black Metal hybrid album. It's got some killer tracks that will annihilate both your hearing and your speakers. The band are on fire through out and you can see why they are highly thought of within their local scene.

A dark, vicious and delightful treat for all you extreme metal fans. Check this album now. You won't be sorry.

Embrace The Darkness is now available to buy from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Thanks to Justin from Traitors Return To Earth for the tip about this band.

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Written by Steve Howe