Saturday 31 May 2014

NOMAD - The House Is Dead - EP Review

The House is Dead cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: May 12th 2014
Label: When Planets Collide
The House Is Dead - track listing:

1.Slaves to Mourning 08:20
2.Still Falling Rain 05:34
3.The Pilgrim 06:58
4.Burn the Water 07:31


Seeking to lay waste in an environment already dissolute, Nomad are a 4 piece Sludge/Doom band bred from Manchester and other likewise holes, incorporating elements from across the spectrum with the vague purpose of sending you on a bad trip or at least maiming you along the way.

We wish to bring our brand of sludge to unsuspecting and unfortunate concert goers everywhere.

The Band Members

Lewis Atkinson:6 strings of doom
Hayley McIntyre: battery
Rev. Drian Nash: dry lung vocal martyr
John C: low end


Here is another stellar release from UK Record Label – When Planets Collide – who have already released some stunning records this year. Now they are releasing Nomad's excellent debut EP – The House Is Dead. A Sludge/Doom Metal band influenced by the legendary NOLA scene though with a few more other bands thrown in for good measure.

If you want a heavy as fuck brutal experience to mess up your entire day then – The House Is Dead – is the release for you. Bone-crunching guitar riffs combined with the mighty Rev. Drian Nash's almost indescribable guttural vocals adding a dangerous edge to the bands music.

Slaves To Mourning feels it was created in the legendary NOLA swamps and not Manchester from where the band actually come from. It's an epic track full of the right ingredients for all you hard-rocking Sludge/Doom Metal fans. It's a slow-paced track with flashes of progressive riffs lurching in the background. This song is perfect Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal music to relax your nerves to after a hard day at work.

Nomad continue their journey of heavy sludge style pile-driver riffage that will seriously entertain the living hell out of you. Tracks such as Still Falling Rain and The Pilgrim show that this band have something about them. It may not be the most original of sounds but what is these days. Nomad play to their strengths in writing kick-ass tunes which have plenty of menace to them. And it all counts where it matters. RIFFS and this release is full of them.

Nomad have created a stellar EP for people to check out. Lets see what the future holds for these hugely talented demented Sludge Rockers.

You can download this now on BandCamp Buy Now Download. They have a Cassette Tape of the EP as well.

Excellent Stuff.

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Written by Steve Howe