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Bastard of the Skies / Grimpen Mire - Split (Vinyl) - Review

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Album TypeSplit Record
Date Released: 10th May 2014
Label: Future Noise Music

Bastard of the Skies / Grimpen Mire - Split (Vinyl) track listing:

01. Yarn (Bastard of the Skies)
02. Bao Fu (Bastard of the Skies)
03. Wounder (Bastard of the Skies)
04. Old Vessels (Bastard of the Skies)
05. Hollow Wreck (Grimpen Mire)
06. Vermin Hive (Grimpen Mire)
07. Fragments of Forgotten Craft (Grimpen Mire)


The ground will shake as Future Noise bring two rising titans of the UK underground together for what will be one of the heaviest releases of the year. Blackburn’s noisiestsludge merchants BASTARD OF THE SKIES and Birmingham’s purveyors of filthy doom GRIMPEN MIRE go head to head on a limited split 12” featuring new, previously unheard
tracks from both bands.

Bastard of the Skies take over side A, with four songs that further reinforce the potency of their hard-hitting, sludgy noise rock that so captivated anyone subjected to their most recent full-length, 2012’s ‘Tarnation’. Cavernous, bass-heavy monsters like ‘Yarn’ or closing behemoth ‘Old Vessels’ will make side A’s 20 minutes feel like 20 years of ugliness,
corruption and anger as the unstoppable mega-riffs pile around the poor listener.

Side B is left entirely to Grimpen Mire’s sonic pollution, and their 20 minutes are spent with but three songs, each driving the listener down into a deeper, darker pit of death and despair. Sounding even more despondent than they did on their cult debut full-length, 2012’s ‘A Plague Upon Your Houses’ which still seems to plague us today, Grimpen Mire
deliver proper horrid doom as a perfect complement to Bastard of the Skies’ opening confrontational aggression.

All seven songs were recorded by Bastard of the Skies guitarist/vocalist Matt Richardson at his own Full Stack Studio, and to further reinforce the massive weight of both bands, master of sonic grimness James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate, Khlyst) was roped in for a typically amazing mastering job. The limited 12” is still adorned by Michael Cowell’s deeply
evocative artwork, perfectly capturing the feeling of creeping dread evoked by both bands.

The Band Members

Bastard of the Skies is:

Matt Richardson (Vocals/Guitar) Claire Horrocks (Bass) Matt Aldred (Drums)

Grimpen Mire is:

Paul Van Linden (Bass/Vocals) Jim Goad (Guitar/Vocals) Ian Davis (Drums)

Bastard of The Skies (Side A) - Review:

The eagerly awaited split record from two of the UK heaviest's Doom/Sludge Metal bands is finally upon us. Bastard Of The Skies and Grimpen Mire who we are huge fans of here at Sludgelord HQ.

These bands fucking crush everything in sight on this outstanding release of brutal and heavy sludge metal riffage. Each band is allocated 20 minutes each to pulverize you into submission. Bastard Of The Skies are the first band to deliver their trademark crushing riffs with the heavy pummelling nature of Yarn. A track that shows why we rate Bastard Of The Skies so highly. The band leave no stone unturned in playing some fast paced and dangerous riffs to get you in the mood. If you're a fan of High On Fire then this band will speak volumes to you. Lead vocalist – Matt – pours his heart and soul into this song as his vocals are bleak as they come. You can feel his pain cutting right through your body.

Bastard Of The Skies unleash their primal fury once more on Bao Fu. It goes straight in for the kill with intense riffs that leave you no doubt the band mean business here. It ain't pretty but these Bastards have a job to do. So buckle up and shut the hell up as this song is one loud mean pissed off track that the band don't hold back from. There are a couple of moments where the band slow things down a bit but not for long as this band belongs in the darkness. They thrive on the dark and bleakness of it all. Though it still has a lot of groove for you to rock out to.

Third Track – Rounder – is a fast paced Sludge Metal affair that goes straight in for the kill and doesn't let rip for one second. Matt is screaming his heart out yet again. His vocals take an almighty pounding here but it's his bandmates Claire on Bass and the other Matt on drums that gives Rounder a brutal edge of it's own. As they both play out of their skins here.

Last but by no means least for Bastard Of The Skies is the 8 minute epic Old Vessels that carries on the brutal style of attack that has came before it. This is the loudest track on this split release. So play this song nice and loud to get the full effect.

Grimpen MIre (Side B) - Review:

Now it's time for Grimpen Mire's turn to obliterate your hearing into submission. It's been a while since I have listened to Grimpen Mire's debut album. But listening to their side of the split record brought all the brutal and brilliant memories flooding back as I forgot how loud these guys can actually be.

Their first offering – The Hollow Wreck – carries on the brutal tone where Bastard Of The Skies left off though with healthy slice of doom metal thrown in for added measure. Grimpen Mire play on your worst fears by bringing a scary doom and gloom vibe to the party. It has shades of early THOU and that is no bad thing but Grimpen Mire throw in some NOLA style riffs to lighten the mood just for a brief second or two.

2nd track – Vermin Hive – is a torturous slab of intense vocals and slow-paced riffs combining for one bleak as fuck tale that will have you on the edge of your seat. The dual vocals of Paul and Jim brilliantly play off each other like two classic horror icons battling it out for psychopathic supremacy. Jason and Freddy have nothing on these two evil mofos once they get going. It's bleak as hell but Grimpen Mire have managed to included some atmospheric riffs that will have you rocking out to.

Grimpen Mire's last offering is the 8:09 minute epic – Fragments of Forgotten Craft. A slow paced monster that takes time in building up the atmosphere with some bass heavy riffs to chill your soul to. Another stand-out track from this excellent split release. The vocals are once again sung at you with terror and menace lurking in the background. Though Grimpen Mire deserve credit for adding a funeral doom like organ instrumental piece towards the end of the song. It will send chills down your body.

My final thoughts – Well this is an outstanding release showcasing two of the UK's finest and heaviest bands from the Doom/Sludge Metal scene. This is a must have release. Spellbinding and creepy as hell.

Thanks to Future Noise Music for sending us a promo to review. Bastard of the Skies / Grimpen Mire - Split (Vinyl) will be available to buy from May 10th2014.

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Written by Steve Howe