Tuesday 13 May 2014

Bloody Hammers - Under Satan's Sun - Album Review

Album Type:Album
Date Released: Various
Label: Napalm Records

Under Satan’s Sun - track listing:

1. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
2. Spearfinger
3. Death Does Us Part
4. The Moon Eyed People
5. Second Coming (Alice Cooper Cover)
6. Welcome To The Horror Show
7. Under Satan´s Sun
8. Dead Man´s Shadow On The Wall
9. The Last Alarm
10. Necrommancer


Bloody Hammers are a heavy rock band from Transylvania County, NC. Although commonly viewed as a gothic rock, Bloody Hammers have equally incorporated elements of doom metal, stoner metal and psychedelic rock. In early 2014 they announced signing with Napalm Records after 2 critically acclaimed albums with dutch label SoulSeller Records.

BLOODY HAMMERS, the band revolving around the charismatic mastermind Anders Manga, release their third album "Under Satan's Sun" which follows once more the dark paths populated by sinister characters and spectral apparitions. Dark Horror Rock with a pinch of H.P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury is the main attraction of the show, when the master of ceremonies Anders Manga opens the gates to the nether world. "Under Satan's Sun" is a multilayered album that resembles a classic horror flick from the 70s. An album filled with charm, big refrains and a classy atmosphere.

The Band Members

Live - Anders Manga: Bass/Vocals, Devallia: Piano/Organ, Doza: Drums, Bill Fisher: Guitar

On Albums: Anders Manga: Guitar, Bass, Vocals & Devallia: Keys


Bloody Hammers return with their anticipated 3rd album – Under Satan’s Sun – which is a stunning mix of Occult Rock, Doom, Grunge and Stoner Rock, which features the band’s trademark gloomy lyrics and vocals for one dark delicious ride. Now some people may have been disappointed with their last album – Spiritual Relics .

This album is the true follow-up to Bloody Hammer’s 2012 critically lauded S/T debut album. As it’s an album that oozes class and atmosphere from the very note is played. Anders and co are on fine creepy form with songs that will have you hooked from start to finish. First track – The Town That Dreaded Sundown – starts with a sinister vintage soundbyte before the band unleashes their style of hard rocking vibes on an unsuspecting audience. Anders is on fine form singing a song that has a slight western era vibe. Actually, the whole feels like a soundtrack to a spooky offbeat violent classic western. A song expertly sets up the atmosphere for the next 45 minutes or so.

Bloody Hammers are more comfortable with their surroundings as they expertly mix different noises and sounds to take your soul on a wild ride. 2nd track – Spearfinger – unleashes the apocalyptic occult riffs once more with more tales of eerie madness as this track embraces elements of classical horror madness with fast-paced dark stoner rock thrown in for good measure.

3rd track – Death Does Us Part – is one of the albums standout tracks as its one hard-rocking affair that perfectly captures the nightmarish occult rock world that most bands can only dream of. Wait until the heavy pounding riff kicks in around the 2-minute mark that will get your heart rate pumping. Bloody Hammers have formed into a fully-fledged band compared to their 2012 debut album where it was just Anders writing and performing all the instruments himself. He has surrounded himself with a band who shares his unique dark and twisted vision. Just sit back and enjoy the ride as the band have many more thrills and spills waiting for you.

The band storm through a set of expertly written tracks that takes elements from the past two albums and still adding fusing different elements such as the Western or Americana based vibe. Or that could be my own personal experience but it’s an album that will excite you in many different ways. The band has taken influence from Ray Bradbury and HP Lovecraft on this album as well. It more than explains the creepy and mysterious goings on through out the entire album. Tracks such as The Moon-Eyed People, The Last Alarm and Dead Man’s Shadow On The Wall only show you why Bloody Hammers deserve their reputation as one of the finest Dark/Occult Rock/Stoner Rock bands currently out there. And on the album it’s a reputation that is fully deserved and one I can see only becoming bigger.

It is to the band’s credit that I pick out a favourite track on this album. One moment it’s one certain track and on the next listen, it is another track. Under Satan’s Sun is an album based on mood, melody and atmosphere. These dark overlords of the riff have created a truly stunning album that is going to be considered one of 2014 best hard rock albums.

My advice is – Embrace the darkness as hell has never looked or sounded as good as this.

Simply Unmissable.

Thanks to Jon at Freeman Promotions and Mona at Napalm PR for sending me a copy to review. Under Satan’s Sun will be released on CD/DD/Vinyl on Napalm Records from the dates below.

30. May 2014 G/A/S, FIN & Benelux
02. June 2014 UK & Rest of Europe
10. June 2014 USA/CAN

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Written by Steve Howe