Friday 23 May 2014

ABEST - Ayslum - Album Review

Asylum cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: May 16th 2014
Label: This Charming Man Records

Asylum track listing:

1.Nebel 06:00
2.Oubliette 04:52
3.Grau 05:11
4.Asylum 06:18
5.Vessel 06:37
6.Shiver 04:15
7.Monolog 06:59


Abest from Northern Germany are blurring the lines between atmospheric Post-Metal and bleak Hardcore to create a dark and pounding emotional atmosphere. Formed in late 2011, they released their demo in March 2012, followed by a split 7“ with the irish crust-outfit Absolutist in September 2013. Their debut full length, “Asylum“ was released in May 2014 via This Charming Man Records, home of bands like The Tidal Sleep, Messer or Fjørt.

The Band Members

Joscha - Guitar/Vocals
Stephan - Guitar/Vocals
Patrick - Bass
Tim - Drums


Abest finally unleash their debut album – Asylum. A stirring cocktail of aggressive Sludge and Post Metal violent noises and emotions that deals with the harsher side of life. Taking influences from ISIS, Neurosis but adding a more punk based approach to their music.

Abest get straight down to business in playing some epic riffs with the excellent opening track – Nebel – that shows what this band is all about. It is a haunting apocalyptic nightmare coming to life. The band adds layers of different noises that put your entire being in an uncomfortable position. The pummelling riffs are played at a furious pace with Abest taking you on an unsettling journey.

Second track – Oubliette – carries on the heavy and pulverizing carnage the band laid down previously with lead vocalist – taking centre stage with his earth-shattering vocals. However, the rest of the band playing impressive post-metal riffs of there own. You can hear distinct post-rock noises being played in the background, which sees the music being give more of a claustrophobic feel.

Abest don’t change direction for the remainder of the album and nor should they. As they have created a dark atmospheric tale that will have you looking over your shoulder especially on one of the album’s standout track’s – Grau. This has an unsettling doom and gloom atmosphere around it. This is a song for a long cold winter night and not a hot summer’s day I am currently experiencing whilst reviewing the album. However, I digress, Abest are an unstoppable force of nature as they unleash an uncontrollable fury not seen on many debut albums of this kind.

If you are into dark epic songs that last past the 6 to 7 minute mark then this album is for you. You will need a few listens to fully experience the power that is Asylum. As Abest may not seem they bring anything new to the scene but I advise you to look again. Asylum is aptly named as it makes you feel you have been locked away for many years and you are experiencing the many dangers of the modern world for the very first time. That’s how powerful this album truly is.

You may need a long rest after listening to this album as its one hard-hitting experience you will need time to recover from. If you’re not moved by the heavy pounding vibes of the albums best track – Vessel – then there is no hope for you. All in all this is a truly haunting album that I can’t recommend highly enough. It showcases another excellent band from Germany’s Sludge/Post-Metal scene.

Thanks to Abest and Chris at This Charming Man Records for sending me a promo to review. Asylum is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl.

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Written by Steve Howe