Monday 19 May 2014

BRETUS - S/T - EP Review

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 2014
Label: Doom Cult Records

BRETUS – EP - track listing:

01. Sitting On The Grave
02. From The South
03. Dark Cloaks
04. In Onirica
05. The Only Truth


Bretus takes form in the mind of Ghenes in 2000. The band was born to homage a kind of music (Doom / Stoner / Psychedelic) and its great interpreters. Bretus are born with the desire to introduce the tracks to the many lovers of the underground. Together with Neurot they composed some tracks and in 2008 recorded with the fundamental help of Zagarus (Voices) and Sest (Drums). These songs have gone out for the first demo cd composed by 4 tracks.

In 2009 Bretus composed 5 new tracks inspired by horror tales writers as H.P. Lovecraft, movies directors as Mario Bava and others. In 2010 MadDie Records produced "Bretus" MCD. It received good reviews by zines and webzines, and some songs of MCD are also published in the Italian "Desert Sound Compilation" ,"Droning Earth vol.16" (Finlandia) and "Doom Metal Alliance sampler vol. II" (USA).

In the 2011 Faunus(Guitar) and Striges (Drums) come into the band. Bretus enter in studio for the recording sessions of the new full length.

In 2012 "In Onirica" was out(CD Version By Arx Productions, Tape version by The Arcane Tapes)."In Onirica" was out also on Bloodrock Records on vinyl version (distributed by Black Widow Records).

The response at it was so good that the band was invited to take part on some fest like the MALTA DOOM FEST 5th edition or DOOM OVER VIENNA IX. Some songs of "In Onirica" are also published in Doom Over The Crypt Compilation (Italy), Doom Metal Front Compilation 7 (Germany) , Doommantia III (USA), Desert Sound vol.5 (Italy).

The Band Members

Ghenes: High and Low Guitars
Zagarus: Vox
Azog: Bass
Striges: Drums


I originally featured Bretus back in 2012 when I reviewed their debut album – In Onirica – which left quite an impression from me as these demonic Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metallers had some creepy riffs to go with their eerie tales of the occult.

Well their 2010 S/T debut EP is being re-released by Doom Cult Records and I have been asked to check it out. And it's one seriously creepy affair that cranks up the tension with some impressive doomy atmospherics. First track – Sitting On The Grave is probably the highlight of the entire EP as it shows what Bretus is all about.

70s Doom Metal/Hard Rock matched against some modern day Stoner/Sludge based riffs. If you're a fan of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and more modern day Occult Rock bands then Bretus will speak volumes to you. Though it's quite refreshing to hear that Bretus talent was evident on this spellbinding EP.

Second Track – From The South – is the perfect embodiment of Italian Doom Metal. It captures the band in one hell of a violent psychotic mood which just adds even more menace to the doomy atmospherics oozing from your speakers. Sure there is more of a hint of Sabbath riffage going on but when the music is this good you don't fucking care. Embrace the madness and you will have one hell of a wild ride.

Third track – Dark Cloaks – is a gloomy doom based instrumental number which is very slow in nature and in tone. Nothing much happens but it does show the band in more experimental moods.

The EP's last two tracks In Onirica and The Only Truth returns the band to their realm of doom and gloom with two superb tracks that shows you why Bretus are highly thought of within the Doom/Stoner Metal world. As these two tracks just kick-ass. Heavy pounding riffs to get your teeth stuck into. Hold on as Bretus are going to take you on a hazy trip that you will be coming back to time and time again.

If you haven't heard of Bretus before then this is the perfect introduction to the band. Be prepared for something special.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Bretus S/T EP is available to buy now from Doom Cult Records.

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Written by Steve Howe