Friday 23 May 2014

Return From The Grave - Gates Of Nowhere - Album Review

Album Type: Album
Date Released: June 2014
Label: Argonauta Records

Gates Of Nowhere - track listing:

1. Intro
2. Words in Words
3. Canter of the Will
4. The Rage of Rays
5. Uncovered Fate
6. River in the Sky
7. Inside Human’s Soul


If you are thinking of a band with the SABBATH's 70's mood and a Metal sound of Stoner / Doom flavor, you have to give a listen to RETURN FROM THE GRAVE, the new intriguing signing of the Argonauta Records roster. These four guys comes from the lost lands near Venice, Italy, and have been operative since 2011. Horror stories and the hidden meanings of life and death are the main themes of their upcoming new album "Gates Of Nowhere", featuring Heavy Doom hymns recorded completely in analog. The mastering of this new album has been done by Richard Whittaker, member of FxGroup Studios in London, who has collaborated with bands like SAINT VITUS, THE WHO, BLACK SABBATH and ROLLING STONES.

This Epic and Heavy-Vintage stuff is something for fans of bands like ORCHID, IN SOLITUDE and UNCLE ACID cannot miss. "Gates Of Nowhere" will be out in noble DigiSleeve CD edition in early June 2014. The band is currently planning new shows to promote the new album and constantly searching for new venues.

The Band Members



Return From The Grave’s new album – Gates Of Nowhere – is a delicious and twisted blend of Stoner Metal, Doom and Occult Rock that will appeal to fans of Uncle Acid, Bloody Hammers,Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. Opening track – Intro – is a macabre and creepy instrumental affair, which adds a dark and creepy occult rock atmosphere before the band, unleashes their potent blend of high-energy dark riffs.

The album truly kicks into gear with 2nd track - Words In Words - enticing you with dark twisted riffs that has a slight 70s Hard Rock vibe. Lead vocalist Semenz has a distinct Ozzy Osbourne vibe running through his intense vocal performance. The band offer the listener some impressive guitar riffs to rock out to which makes this one of the albums standout tracks.

The band then go for straight out Stoner Metal domination with 3rd track – Canter Of The Will – which has elements of Doom Metal and Occult Rock always lurking in the background waiting to turn the atmosphere into a sinister party that you will never want to leave. The music is the main star here. Semenz’s vocals are impressive as ever but it’s the music that truly stands out here. Loud and violent riffs that would of made this band musical legends in the 70s Hard Rock Scene.

The Rage of Rays is the albums standout track as it instantly draws you in with its powerful blend of dream-like psychedelic riffs and Semenz showing what an impressive vocal range he has at his disposal. This dude can sing. No question about that. It shows you what this band is all about. Loud doomy hard rock atmospherics with a thrilling story to tell.

Another track to check out is Uncovered Fate, which starts off with an impressive drum solo before the band the band start adding riffs that wouldn’t go amiss from a Thrash Metal band. However, it all returns to the normal Hard Rock/Doom/Stoner Metal environment the band laid down earlier, though it’s still one creepy affair with more tales of untold horror being sung by Semenz.

Return From The Grave have delivered a truly hypnotic and powerful album that shows you why the Italian Doom/Stoner Metal scene is so highly thought of. Gates of Nowhere is a must have album. Plain and Simple.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Gero at Argonauta Records for sending me a promo to review. Gates Of Nowhere will be available to buy in Italy from 2nd June and Rest Of World from 16th June.

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Written by Steve Howe