Monday 19 May 2014

Karma to Burn / Sons of Alpha Centauri – Split 7inch Single - Review

Album Type: Split 7inch Single
Date Released: April 21st 2014
Label: H42 Records

Karma to Burn / Sons of Alpha Centauri – Split 7inch Single - track listing:

01. Karma To Burn - 53
02. Sons of Alpha Centauri - 71

Record Description

H42 Records is very proud to announce the return of two instrumental titans and their ongoing partnership to reinvigorate the hard rock world without words! On 21 April 2014 the 'Karma to Burn / Sons of Alpha Centauri' split 7" enters the stratosphere in the form of a three different coloured vinyls and two brand new tracks 'Fifty Three' and '71' mastered at Abbey Road Studios!

This is the second 7" featuring both bands and follows up the immense popularity of the first vinyl and captures the raw energy and driving rock fury of both bands yet again. This release will only be available on vinyl with limited pre-orders available exclusively through H42 Records.

For more information please visit: and the official video trailer at

Three different vinyl versions are available as blue/white marbled, orange/black marbled & black heavy release in deluxe design sleeves from ‘Alexander Von Wieding’. The vinyl will also be available on the forthcoming summer European Tour - check back for dates!

Karma To Burn – Band Members

Will Mecum
Rob Halkett
Evan Devine

Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Band Members



So two of the genres finest Instrumental Stoner Rock Bands have joined forces once more to deliver a pulsating 7inch Single Release which showcases both bands at their very best.

Karma To Burn's track – 53 – is more of the same from possibly the finest Instrumental Stoner Rock band on the planet. Karma To Burn are masters of writing tracks like this. Intense Desert Rock and Stoner Metal riffs combining for one a fast-paced ride that will soon get you into the mood of rocking out. This track shows you why the band are considered innovators of the Instrumental Stoner Rock scene. Not many bands can match their ingenuity and vision in such a short space of time. This track is classic Karma To Burn through and through. Why mess with perfection.

Sons of Alpha Centauri – provide the world with another stunning track that shows you why they are considered one of the UK's finest Instrumental Stoner Rock bands. They play the same sort of music as Karma To Burn but with a more darker and progressive edge. The band add a sinister space rock vibe around the 3rd minute or so which feels like a trippy distress signal from the far reaches of the universe. I will have to say that this track is possibly the best track on this release. Even though Karma To Burn are one of my fave ever Stoner Rock bands. Sons Of Alpha Centauri unleash some epic spacey riffs that will have you begging for more. I hope the band will release their eagerly awaited 2nd album as they are seriously a brilliant and elusive band you all need to check out now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Sons Of Alpha Centauri for sending me a brilliant physical package to review. And for H42 Records for sending me a digital promo to review as well.

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Written by Steve Howe