Sunday 11 May 2014

Soreption - Engineering The Void (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 18/2/2014
Label : Unique Leader Records

Engineering the Void track listing :

01. Reveal The Unseen 04:49
02. The Nature Of Blight 03:32
03. Breaking The Great Narcissist 05:59
04. A Speech To Survival 03:40
05. Utopia 04:20
06. Monumental Burden 04:01
07. I Am You 03:52
08. Engineering The Void 04:36

Bio :

Soreption is a Technical Death Metal band from Sweden having razor sharp technical riffs, schizophrenic time signatures topped with catchy chugging grooves and intense vocals. They have created their signature sound not yet replicated by any other modern band with a strong following to back. Their debut album “Deterioration of minds”, mixed and produced at Ninetone Studios by Tommy and Chris Rehn from ANGTORIA was released 2010 and brought major attention to the band as a formidable force in the genre. The album will be re issued by Unique Leader Records in 2014

The Band :
Fredrik Söderberg | Vocals
Anton Svedin | Guitars
Rickard Persson | Bass
Tony Westermark |Drums

Review :

On February the 18th, Swedish tech-death quartet Soreption have unleashed eight tracks of winter-tinged rippers that freeze the listener to the core.  You can try to stop the music, but your hands will not leave your side; you can try to leave the room, but your legs won’t allow it.  ‘Engineering the Void’ will, when put in your player, simply grasp you and keep you in place until the final dying blasts of the title track (and album closer) fade away into silence. 

Tech-death has always left me feeling very inadequate as a guitar player.  While I try to meekly belt out a few riffs, tech-death players have already swept up and down the fret board twelve times, stage dived, gone back on stage and slammed out a solo that has killed the nearby wildlife.  We mere guitar mortals can do little but shuffle our feet and apologise.  Soreption’s guitarist, Anton Svedin, is no exception to this rule: he spits out riffs that make eyeballs bleed at twenty paces, and snaps out pinch harmonics as easily as snapping his fingers.  The songs of Soreption are a real spectacle to behold, no doubt about it. 

Let’s talk about these songs, then.  Sounding like a more technical Black Dahlia Murder, a slightly less pissed-off Meshuggah, these tracks pound, pulse and punish speakers with their potent onslaught of sound.  When an album opens with the audio equivalent of a SCUD missile hitting you square in the chest, you know the entire album is going to be a massive experience.  That’s what opener ‘Reveal the Unseen’ does with such manic and feverish aplomb: the piece is a weapon of brutality that aims for mass destruction every time you play it.  And you’ll play it.  A lot. 

It’s an album of majesty, that’s for sure.  ‘Utopia’ is a track where vocalist Fredrik Söderberg bellows and mauls the listener, tearing huge gobbets of flesh from your body in payment for listening to such a magnificently brutal tech-death offering.  ‘Breaking the Great Narcissist’ has a main riff that clangs and clatters like a steel sword battering against a shield, with drummer Tony Westermark acting as the surrounding sound of a massive, unrelenting battle.  It’s ‘Engineering the Void’s longest song, and it’s a sonic war that deserves to be remembered.  

Sweden knows how to make music that demands your attention.  Soreption is a band that makes everything around you seem less significant when their tracks are playing, and ‘Engineering the Void’ is an album that digs its cold hooks into you and grips you tight.  Be warned: once you listen, it won’t let you go.  But, then again, you won’t want it to, either.

Words by : Chris Markwell 

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