Wednesday 28 May 2014

Sir Hobo - Absolutely Accurate - Album Review and Stream

Album TypeAlbum
Date Released: 15th July 2014
Label: Pink Tank Records

Absolutely Accurate - track listing:


01 Awaking
02 Informing
03 Calking
04 Doing
05 Standing


01 Motivating
02 Knowing
03 Believing
04 Seeing
05 Arriving
06 Ending


The Legend of Bartholomew Bum:

The first recorded sightings of Bartholomew Bum recount his sermons on the streets of Benares, where he preached the connection of body and soul by playing music. He perceived poverty as sacred and his views soon bestowed him with a large following. The word spread, and as musicians, mathematicians, philosophers and scientists across the globe studied his teachings, it was soon proven that poverty could indeed be deemed holy and that spiritual wealth was directly linked to the abdication of material goods. In an act of disavowal of the world ís reigning kings, Bartholomew awarded a knighthood to himself, choosing the title Sir Hobo. To ensure their sustainability beyond his demise, his teachings were recorded by humankind in a book generally known as "The Cardboard Box", which simultaneously stood symbol for "The House of the Prophet".

Some people view Sir Hobo as an alchemist capable of turning manure into gold. Others perceive him to be a loser, too idiotic to gain riches. Yet others see a human being. And some consider his actions to be an intangible hunt for an intangible prey, an emotion ñ a worthy emotion, an emotion deemed unworthy by rich people, an emotion of selflessness, a good emotion. Sir Hobo did not so much seek as he did find, leaving it to the big scheme of things to destine where his sandals would carry him.

Understanding the subjectivity of personal experience and the limitations of perspective, he never imparted his own tales, nor did he take on those of his pilgrims. It was by the negation of that which is not love that he found love in its true form. In the form of music. Music that is available to all and for all to partake

The Band Members

Does it really matter....


My good friend Jan at Pink Tank Records kindly given me an advanced promo copy to review for Sir Hobo's majestic Psychedelic Stoner/Space Rock album – Absolutely Accurate.

A 45 minute haunting journey into the dangerous psyche of one highly talented individual. Absolutely Accurate has a nightmarish feel to it as nothing is as it seems. Haunting Space Rock vibes come and go to take you on a twisted and beautifully haunting musical odyssey. Is it Space Rock, Instrumental Rock or Stoner Rock. I am not quite sure as I am still trying to work that out myself.

First track – Awaking – as it's aptly named for awaking your senses for a sensory overload of noises, riffs, vibes and far out experimentation. It gives you a brief glimpse on what to expect for the next 45 mins or so. A twisted and uncompromising vision that will send cold as hell chills for you to chew on.

This is all the work of one man – Sir Hobo – who only himself knows what this album means. The song titles give you a good clue what moods and environments your whole body will be going through on every song. It's not an easy listen as this isn't a straight forward conventional album. As tracks such as Informing, Calking, Motivating, Seeing and Arriving have a unique darkness to them all. There are riffs to be found but Sir Hobo makes you work hard before you find you're musical reward. Nobody said that music had to be easy to listen to.

It's best to listen to this album in one full go as it's mean to be heard as one overall experience. It will take you on such an emotional roller-coaster that you will begin to question what is real or not. Sir Hobo deserves credit for blending the different noises and effects that sound so very different compared to other artists and bands. It's mainly instrumental rock but Sir Hobo adds voice effects here and there. Maybe to inform you what the hell is going on.

Anyway. I don't want to spoil any more as you can find this out for yourself as Jan at Pink Tank Records has allowed Sludgelord to hold an exclusive album stream of this excellent album

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Jan at Pink Tank Records for sending me a promo to review. The advanced album stream. Much appreciated dude. Absolutely Accurate will be available to buy from Pink Tank Records on DD/Vinyl from July 15th 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe