Monday 26 May 2014

DWELL - Far Dark Helm - Album Review

Far Dark Helm cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: May 10th 2014
Label: Self Released

Far Dark Helm - track listing:

1.To Scry on Lamentations 09:48
2.Far Dark Helm Pt. I 09:10
3.Far Dark Helm Pt. II 09:51
4.Far Dark Helm Pt. III 09:44


Dwell is a group originated in Oakland California. The band comprises of Tucker Adelman, Chris Clarke, and Sam Guerard. Reflecting on concepts of disorder and disillusion in a state of control and herding, the group projects the visions of conflict in a world gone awry.

The Band Members

Tucker Adleman, Sam Guerard, Chris Clarke


Dwell's debut album – For Dark Helm – is a disturbing and chilling tale where the world is on the edge of destruction and you can feel that depressing atmosphere through out the album.

The album has been mastered and recorded by Noah Landis from Post-Metal Legends – Neurosis. So it's sounds epic on a grand scale as Dwell venture even further into the darkness as the album has quite a depressing feel around it. And that is a good thing as the 4 epic tunes the band have on offer here will make you think in what you're listening to.

To Scry on Lamentations – proves that Dwell have a lot to say with their dark twisted post-metal riffs matched against the superb doomy vibes echoing some creepy soundbytes. The vocals verge on the psychotic side as it's a chilling track that definitely has shades of mid 90's Neurosis to it.

Dwell have a fair share of brutal riffs to scare you with as there is no where to turn. Your soul becomes part of Dwell's dark and violent world where there is no escape from. There are no ambient based post-rock vibes to bring shades hope in this dark realm. The album is dark through out and it's a much better experience for it. So by the time 2nd track – Far Dark Helm Pt 1 – plays you're already beyond help. Dwell play a barrage of different noises and moods that puts the listener through a harrowing experience.

They deserve credit for being miserable as hell. It gives the album a more destructive and thought provoking feel to it. The last two tracks – Far Dark Helm Pt 2 and For Dark Helm Pt 3 – carries on the sonic assault with determined accuracy. It's one powerful ride you will not want to end.

The album is a brilliantly executed affair from start to finish with an excellent uncompromising story to tell. You can buy this album on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Or you can buy the vinyl as well.

If it's good enough for Noah Landis then it's good enough for you. Awesome as hell. End Of.

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Written by Steve Howe