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Album Type: Album
Date Released: June 09th 2014
Label: When Planets Collide

Horrendosaurus - track listing:

1. Gardening with Cthulhu
2. Sludgepuppies
3. Horrendosaurus
4. Eve’s Droppings
5. Winston (They will use your own Lyrics against you)
6. Hoboreaper
7. Exscriptus Spiritus
8. Spiced Doom


GURT - Started with 4 lads wanting to make some bloody awful noise and that they did! Made up by Growth, Jbob, Simo and Iron Fist.. sharing a love of bands such as EyeHateGod, Weedeater, Down, Crowbar, Iron Monkey and all the is Sludgy!

GURT have been responsible for sore necks in and around London since 2010 and take no more pleasure than in hearing new fans claim that they ‘don’t usually like metal’ at the end of a gig. Some say their wide appeal is no surprise considering the diverse mix of influences and experiences they pull together from previous bands.

GURT take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. The drums are thunderous, the vocals demonic and the guitars down-tuned, down-tempo and down-right sexy. This is not doom, this is not sludge, THIS IS GURT.

The Band Members

Gareth Kelly - Growth - Mouth
Simon Edwards - Simo - Bashing
Dave Blakemore - Spice - Bassmaster
Rich Williams - Sedulurt - Riffmonster


After releasing a string of EP's, GURT are ready to unleash their debut album and hell on earth in the process. As HORRENDOSAURUS is a pummelling beast of an album.

First track – Gardening with Cthulhu – starts with a pissed off speech from a demented religious figure declaring we are going to hell if we don't believe in the almighty. And what is GURT's response to this. A barrage of unstoppable NOLA based Southern Sludge Riffs with the added menace of early Pantera groove. It paints the picture of a bleak atmospheric ride that will push you to the edge for the next 40 minutes or so.

Second Track – Sludgepuppies – carries on with the filth ridden despairing riffs that the first track unleashed upon your soul. When Gareth shouts out – DIE MOTHERFUCKER!!! - you know GURT are a band not be messed with. Remember these guys are from the UK and not the legendary NOLA swamp scene. This album is so powerful it will eat you alive in one go. The band lay down some menacing riffs that pays homage to their musical heroes though there is a slight Blues Rock vibe lurking in.

With some of the legendary NOLA/Sludge Metal bands such as EYEHATEGOD, DOWN and Corrosion Of Conformity releasing new records it's great to see that the new generation of bands such as GURT putting their own spin on some recognisable vibes and riffs.

Though HORRENDOSAURUS has a killer charm of it's own. GURT stay loud through out the entire album so you don't have to worry of there being a “LIGHTER/MOBILE IN THE AIR” type song as that ain't GURT's style. The band stay pissed off through out as they unleash a barrage of brutal songs to rock out to. Tracks such as Horrendosaurus, Eve's Droppings and Hoboreaper have a constant supply of dangerous riffs which the band expertly delivers time and time again.

If Gareth isn't scaring the hell out of you with his impressive death based growls then the action packed riffage the band lay down will have you begging for more. This is one hell of an impressive debut album. I haven't stopped listening to it since I received a copy to review.

This album is meant to be played as loud as you can. Who gives a fuck if it upsets your neighbours. Tell em you're partying with GURT and their monster of a record called HORRENDOSAURUS. And they ain't fucking invited. If the afterlife does indeed sound like this then I may never want to leave!!!!

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Gareth and GURT for sending me a copy to review. HORRENDOSAURUS will be available to buy from When Planets Collide Records on CD/DD/Vinyl from June 09th 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe