Friday 23 May 2014

Giant Sleep - S/T - Album Review

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Album Type: Album
Date Released: April 20th 2014
Label: Self Released

Giant Sleep – S/T – track listing:

1.Dead Memories 04:38
2 Angry Man 05:43
3.Henu 06:59
4.Hallucifer Rising 03:31
5.St.Anna 04:29
6.Reproduce 06:36
7.Argos 02:03
8.Another Adventure 06:26
9.Dreamless Sleep 05:20
10.Nothing is Real 06:40


Five guys from Germany and Switzerland, who payed their dues in bands like Fear My Thoughts, Destruction and Sepia, worshipping the power of the riff.

The Band Members

Thomas Rosenmerkel - Vox
Markus Ruf - Guitars
Patrick Hagmann - Guitars
Rado Stecki - Bass
Manuel Spänhauer – Drums


Giant Sleep. A hugely talented band who have just released their S/T debut album. A stunning mix of 70s based Hard Rock, Prog Rock and more modern Stoner Rock vibes.

This album feels like a long lost time capsule being discovered for the very time by today's audience and it's sole intention is to convince the listener to worship the power of the riff which the album holds. As the album gets straight down to business of unleashing a hard rock thunderstorm of progressive riffs that oozes 70s style riffs that will instantly take hold of your imagination.

Tracks such as Dead Memories and Hungry Man act as a mission statement for Giant Sleep telling people what their band is all about. It's an exciting blend of soulful bluesy vocals matched against top-notch delicious classic rock vibes with a hint of modern based Stoner Rock in the air.

As the album progresses you can hear the band adding elements of progressive stoner riffs to the mix as the band evoke memories of Tool, Kyuss, Monster Magnet and even Baroness at times especially on the later tracks. One minute the mood is all 70s classic hard rock and it soon turns into a louder progressive metal assault on the senses that comes out of nowhere.

The song-writing is another highlight on this album as Giant Sleep have some intriguing stories to tell. It can be quite poetic at times as Giant Sleep prove they can write a stunning story to match the intense melodies they have on the album.

I will have to say that 3rd track – Henu – feels like a song that Soundgarden would be proud to call their own. Lead vocalist – Thomas – has a slight Chris Cornell rasp to his voice and when he sings those high notes you can seriously imagine Chris Cornell singing a song like this himself. It has a superb psychedelic edge to it as well which makes it one of the album's standout tracks.

When the tracks Hallucifer Rising and St.Anna come along you're soul already belongs to Giant Sleep as their spellbinding riffs have a hidden majestic power that will keep you on the edge of your seat that you don't want this album to end. That's how great this album is. It will make you a fan of this awesome band from the very first listen.

Giant Sleep have delivered a very special album indeed that will hopefully see these guys launch in a very big way. They have the songs and vision to back up their undeniable talent. Now it's up to the Hard Rock/Stoner Rock world to take notice and worship the realm of Giant Sleep.

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An excellent album. End Of.

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Written by Steve Howe