Thursday 1 May 2014

GIZA - I Am The Ocean, I Am The Sea - Review

I am the ocean, I am the sea cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 29th April 2014
Label: Self Released

I Am The Ocean, I Am The Sea track listing:

1.I. 01:51
2.Molecular Tsunami 06:10
3.Interplanetary Cyclone 04:12
4.Drawing Tar 09:36
5.V. 03:08


GIZA is an Instrumental Apocalyptic Sludge Metal band from Seattle.

The Band Members

Steve Becker - Bass
Richard Burkett - Guitar
Justin Rodda - Drums


I originally featured these atmospheric sludge riffsters back in Dec 2012 when I reviewed their excellent debut album – Future Ruins – which won some acclaim within the Doom/Sludge Metal scene. If you're a fan of Pelican, Mastodon and Russian Circles then you need to check these guys out now.

Their debut album was recorded by Matt Bayles who has produced for a whole raft of legendary bands such as ISIS, Mono, Russian Circles and Mastodon to name but a few. Well GIZA have wisely decided to bring Matt back to record their stunning new album – I Am The Ocean, I Am The Sea.

GIZA are back to lay claim in being one of the best undiscovered Instrumental Sludge Metal bands currently out there as this album is breathtaking in scope and in nature. It has the perfect elements of Doom, Sludge, Stoner and Post-Metal riffs moulded together for one haunting ride into the unknown. I dare you not to be moved by the progressive riffs of Driving Tar of Interplanetary Cyclone which sees the band heavier than before.

GIZA have a new drummer behind the decks since the last release and Justin does a stunning job here which isn't surprising since he was the drummer behind SERIAL HAWK. A band that I have raved very highly about in the past. Though this time he is providing his immense talent with GIZA and he provides some finely tuned heavy pounding ammunition to match the epic sludge guitar riffs on show. And things get very loud indeed when the band are in full flow. I feel no one can match them when they are on this kind of form.

It maybe slightly short at 25 mins but believe me GIZA have more ideas and riffs than albums on twice as long. The album has a distorted psychedelic space rock vibe which wasn't on the last album. Last track – V – closes the album in the most perfect way. Epic Spacey Sludge Rock riffs blended with loud doom and gloom atmospherics

It's another excellent release from GIZA. I hope that some cool Indie Label signs these guys as they deserve a shot at the big time. Check out their two excellent releases and get them signed now. You can buy this album on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Donate if you can as GIZA are seriously down-to-earth cool guys who deserve as much praise coming their way.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe