Saturday 29 June 2013

Bitterness Exhumed - IV. A Place Of Many Ghosts - Review

IV. A Place Of Many Ghosts CD/LP cover art

Bitterness Exhumed is a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from Germany

The members are:


Bitterness is a band I have featured before on the blog back in July 2012. A year later the band have asked me to review their latest brutal opus - IV. A Place Of Many Ghosts.

11 songs and 42 minutes of pure crushing heavy as fuck sludge metal riffs snarled right at you from the very start. It's probably the bands heaviest work to date. First track - White Shores - will show you what to expect. The most famous speech from classic war film - Full Metal Jacket - before the band unleashes their blend of Hardcore/Sludge Metal to an angry mob with you the listener in attendance.

The album is fast, loud and angry right from the word go but all done with such passion and awareness that you will soon be wishing to join this loud and brutal bunch of angry renegades. Nothing is going to stand in Bitterness Exhumed's way. Either join the party or you will be fucked up along the way. Your choice. Comply or Die. Simple choice fuckers!!!

Bitterness Exhumed have some great guest musicians to join the party - Nico Webers from Metalcore bruisers - War From A Harlots Mouth on one the albums standout tracks - Thoughts Of Denail. 3:37 mins of pure crushing violence that will leave you a physical nervous wreck.

There is no middle ground with A Bitterness Exhumed. They play with such a ferocious violent nature that their music should come with a health warning of some sort. But you can't deny the power of their music. All of the songs are expertly written and you might even find some great riffs amongst the carnage.

It feels the album was built for one thing. To destroy everything in sight. And that's what this hardcore mob of Sludge destroyers do. They will blast your hearing and some other senses into oblivion. But it's a journey worth taking over and over again.

Check out other excellent tracks - Catharsis, Bound To Break, Filth and Unreflected. Bitterness Exhumed have released an excellent album that will find many fans within the Hardcore/Sludge Metal scene. It has more than enough passion to start a min-revolution on it's own. If you hear this song at your local rock club and if you want to live. Move the fuck out of the way as this song will cause a violent reaction from the people around you!!!

You have be warned!!!!

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

IV. A Place Of Many Ghosts is available to buy on BandCamp now on CD/Digital Download/Vinyl thru Demons Run Amok Entertainment. Or through the guys BigCartel Page.

You can still download all of Bittneress Exhumed releases for free on BandCamp. So check out their earlier stuff while you still can.

Thanks to the guys for sending me a promo copy to review.

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