Friday 7 June 2013

The Dive - Zo'e - Album Review

Zo'e cover art 

The Dive is a Psychedelic/Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from Athens, Greece

The members are:

Taz - Druns
Titos - Guitar
Livy - Bass Guitar
Monkey J. - Guitar, Vocals

The Dive is a superb Psychedelic Stoner Rock Band blending Grunge to great effect. They impressed me way back in July 2011 with their excellent S/T debut album. Well two years later The Dive are back with their stunning debut album - Zo'e

Zo'e is a stunning collection of 11 tracks that runs for about 31 minutes or so. Yeah maybe a bit short but what a fucking ride this album is. Pysch based Stoner Rock riffs of the highest order. It might take you a couple of listens to get used to the weird and wonderful sounds of this great band. But it just shows what a hugely talented band they are.

They don't fall into the realm of conventional Stoner Rock Bands. They do have many Desert Rock riffs running through out the album but there is a dark underlying vibe running through out as well. Especially on excellent track - Hollow Water. Some hard-hitting lyrics which sort of shocked me at first. Mainly because they have a mini-violent impact which you wouldn't expect from a Stoner Rock band like this.

But it shows you that The Dive aren't afraid to mess around with genre expectations. Possibly the grunge based vibe running through the album as well. It's a good thing the album has a high quota of great riffs for you to check out.

Check out other excellent tracks such as - Tzu, Kepler 10lb, Wolff's Law and the brilliant 3 part song - Zo'e which ends this album on a brilliant high.

The Dive have been going for a band since 2000 and it's hard to believe with 13 years behind them they have only released 2 albums. Well I suppose they are more prolific now with this album being released 2 years since their superb debut album. Maybe we will have album no 3 within 2 years time.

Vocals and instrumental work are superb through out. Some songs do have a Torche like vibe but The  Dive still add their own great style to the album. It's 31 minutes of finely tuned Stoner Rock music you won't forget in a long while. Believe me as this album has been part of my daily listening ritual for the past week or so. And it gets better with each and every listen.

Zo'e is fucking brilliant. This album should hopefully see The Dive receive more recognition not only in the Greek Stoner Rock Scene but the global one as well.

Yes folks. Zo'e is seriously that superb. I can't recommend it highly enough.

What is even better the album is up for download on Buy Now on BandCamp so headover their now and download this now. You won't be sorry. You can even buy a CD if you want a physical copy as it's being released on ace record label -

So if you like what you hear download their superb debut album up for free download as well. You won't be sorry!!!

Brilliant. End Of.

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