Tuesday 11 June 2013

BOSS KELOID - The Calming Influence Of Teeth

The Calming Influence of Teeth cover art 

 Boss Keloid is a Progressvie Sludge Metal band from Wigan, UK

The members are

Paul Swarbrick | Riffs
Ste Arands | Drums
Liam Pendlebury-Green | Bass
Alex Hurst | Voice and effects

Boss Keloid are band taking infleunce from Mastodon, Converge and The Dillenger Escape Plan it shows on their excellent debut album - The Calming Influence Of Teeth.

A blistering 10 song opus that will knock you off your fucking feet. It has killer riffs running through out the album. Blending Sludge, Groove, and Math Metal to heavy pounding carange. If you are a fan of the bands mentioned above then you need to check out Boss Keloid now.

First track - Winehorse - has a groove laiden Sludge Metal schizophrenic appeal that will either make you a fan outright or have you running for the hills. Well it had me sold right from the first riff. It's great when a band throws caution to the wind and says - FUCK IT!!!

Alex has a Mike Patton quality feel to his vocals especially on excellent 3rd track - Skipper's Pipes. This is a track that shows his impressive vocal range to perfection. Plus he is backed up by some killer riffs from his fellow band members.

This album is very hard to classify. Groove, Sludge, Math or Progressive. I would call it Experimental Progressive Sludge Metal. It's great that the album runs for 50 of the most fucked up and insane minutes you will likely to hear in 2013.

Manson Lamps, Muscular Grin, Firm Set Of Hordes and Madam Palindrome just show what a crazy bunch of bastards these hugely talented musicians are.

The album is expertly played and produced by all involved. It showcases another outstanding band from the UK Sludge Metal scene though Boss Keloid could be the most craziest the UK has to offer.

Excellet and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Much appreciated. You can buy The Calming Influence Of Teeth from BandCamp now.

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