Wednesday 5 June 2013


Amer cover art

Fuck The Facts is a Grindcore Metal Band from Ottawa, Canada

The members are:

Topon Das - Guitars
Mel Mongeon - Vocals
Mathieu Vilandré - Drums
Johhny Ibay - Guitars
Marc Bourgon, Bass and Backing Vocals

I have been a fan of this legendary band for over a decade now. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my musical heroes - Topon Das - recently. Topon kindly sent me a copy of Fuck The Facts excellent new EP - Amer - to review.

To say that Christmas had come early would be bit of a understatement. To me Fuck The Facts are possibly one of the finest Grindcore Metal bands currently out there. They have an incredible history behind them backed up by a phenomenal body of work.

Well I happy to say that Amer is a triumph on every level. OK nothing much has changed with the band's sound. And why should it. Fuck The Facts are a perfectly tuned machine. Why mess with perfection even if the perfection riles in total and utter chaos.

First track - Une Triste Vue - shows the band have lost none of their anger or appetite for brutal based riffs. Mel and Marc are both on top form sharing vocal duties. Both shouting at quite deafening levels to give this EP a brutal fucked up and excellent head start. Some sublime quiet riffs come out of nowhere to give the song a natural calm.

But that calm is shattered beyond repair when 2nd track - Vent du Nord - comes blazing through your speakers. Intense drumming and riffs matched with Mel's finely tuned dangerous vocals with Marc providing able support. This song shows why Mel is one of the best lead singers in the business. The way she commands the band on this song is breathtaking to listen to at times. Plus there is some seriously great grindcore based riffs to headbang to as well.

For an EP that is only on for 17 mins or so, it's action packed from start to finish. The amount of fast paced riffs will leave you breathless. This is the first Fuck The Facts release for nearly 2 years and it's great to hear some new material from this legendary band.

3rd Track - Panser la plaie au lieu de soigner le mal - is played once again at a frantic level. It feels you are being matched against a much older, dangerous and more cleverer opponent who knows your every move. Just give up and embrace the dangerous riffs that the band have to offer.

4th Track - A Void - starts with a cool and quite restrained guitar riff that feels more at home from an Atmospheric Sludge Metal band than Fuck The Facts. It's only on for 1.44 mins but it's one of my fave tracks on the album as it shows the band are not afraid to experiment with their legendary sound.

5th Track -  Jour de souffrance - goes back to normal FTF carnage. Intense and short blasts of grindcore brilliance with Mel and Mark on fine form once again sharing vocal duties.

6th track - L'enclume et le marteau - shows the band at possibly their most fierce and angriest on this release. A real treat for all you grindcore fans. Just play this song at full blast and headbang to match the brutal riffs on show. Just remember to take a rest at the end before you play the last brilliant song on the EP.

Now we come to the final track - Amère - which is the best track on the EP. It shows why I rate this band so highly. Intelligent vocals and lyrics with awesome riffs to match.. This track has an uplifting vibe to it. Yes folks - you heard me. A grindcore track that has an uplifting vibe to it. That's how powerful the band actually is. They can add almost euphoric vibe to their music while still being truthful to the grindcore scene.

Amer proves that there isn't a band like Fuck The Facts around within the Grindcore scene.They can be classed as true innovaters. They are miles and years ahead of the competition.

Amer is another brilliant release from this great band. If your a fan of Fuck The Facts then you cannot pass this release by. It's an essential release from one of the scene's uncompromising talents.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Topon for sending me a copy to review. Really appreciate it dude.

You can buy Amer on both Digital, Vinyl and Cassette on 18th June 2013 from the links below.

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