Friday 7 June 2013

Witches Of God - The Blood Of Others - Review

The Blood of Others cover art

Witches Of God is a Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Los Angeles, USA

Witches of God is a Doom/Stoner Metal Band who have came out of nowhere to blow my whole fucking world apart. A week ago I didn't know anything about this brilliant band and their blend of highly infectious Doom/Stoner Metal riffs with a slight dark occult rock vibe.

Since then I have been singing the praises of this hugely talented band to anybody who would listen. Their debut album - The Blood Of Others - is simply a brilliant release that I haven't stopped listening to all week.

I will let the bio of the band tell you what to expect.

"Every so often in the City of Angels when planets align and magick happens, records like Witches Of God's The Blood of Others are born.

The Blood of Others is the debut album by the group, Witches Of God, which formed in Los Angeles, California in early 2012. The Blood of Others is produced by Witches Of God & Samur Khouja (Devendra Banhart, The Strokes, Joanna Newsom).

It was recorded and mixed by Khouja over 10 days using an almost entirely analog process at Seahorse Sound Studios in downtown Los Angeles, California and was mastered by Joona Lukala (Pentagram, Killing Joke) at Noise For Fiction in Turku, Finland.

Legendary doomster, Scott 'Wino' Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Shrinebuilder), and Los Angeles Nista, Eddie Solis (It’s Casual, Revolution Mother), each make appearances on the record. Wino throws down guest vocals on the track "The Horror" while Solis drops in on both "Higher Than The Heavens"(a song dedicated to the memory of Voivod's Piggy) & the haunting album closer, "Chasing Coffins”."

So we have guest appearances by Wino and Eddie Solis on a band that no-one has heard of. Well with talent that good this album better be something special. But I have already told you that it is. Am just emphasising the fact on how incredible this album really is.

Album opener - Devils II - is a 5:18 masterclass of Occult based Doom/Stoner Metal. Full of dark creepy lyrics matched against intense riffage. This is music that can wake the dead and amount an unholy assault on the living. A great track to start this ride into the dark arts of the occult.

Up next is Devils III - which follows it's creepy predecessor but amps up the tension with faster paced riffs. And adding creepy lyrics and vocals to send chills down your spine. Black Sabbath based riffs give this track a slightly menacing feel but you can't help but rocking out to it. Creepy and rocking at the same time. Very hard combo to pull off but Witches Of God do this with immense style.

Up next is First Love - One of my fave tracks based in 70's Hard Rock Riffs matched with some cool Alice Cooper style vocals. This song is fast and dangerous which  gives the song a very dangerous edge.

By now you will be loving this album even from the very first listen. It shows what a hugely talented band Witches Of God really are. They are masters of the riff. It feels they have sold their souls to The Devil himself for great riffs like this. Jaw-dropping stuff.

Now we have the epic title track - The Blood Of Others - which starts with a slow creepy based riff before a loud and angrier riff finally creeps in. This track feels like an undiscovered lost track from the 70s that any hard rock rock band from that era would be proud to call their own. But it's still has a cool original vibe of it's own. Mainly sublime Stoner Metal riffs to send chills down your spine.

Witches Of God might wear their influences on their sleeve. But who cares. The Blood Of Others is brilliant through out. Witches Of God are a band who bring their own style of riffs to the devil worshipping party. FUCK - They even add Space Rock vibes to the album as well.

You want more proof to buy this album. OK how about the excellent 7:27 minute track - The Horror which features legendary Doom Maestro - Wino. Damn if there was ever a marriage made perfectly in Hell then this is it. This song just fucking rules. Both parties are on incredible form here. Play this song at full blast and be prepared to be possessed.

As you can tell I love this album. I think The Blood Of Others has the potential to launch Witches Of God as the next big thing within the Doom/Occult/Stoner Metal world. They are the real deal.

The Blood Of Others is simply an incredible album. This is definitely one of my top records of 2013. WOW.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

The Blood Of Others is available to buy now on BandCamp. A limited edition vinyl will be released in July 2013.

Just buy this now. End of.

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