Wednesday 5 June 2013

A SAD BADA - Band To Check Out


A SAD BADA is a Chilean Sludge/Doom/Post metal band, originally started as a side proyect in 2008. At that time Fernando Figueroa (Ex - Ocultum) and Pablo Monroy (Matanza) decided to gather some forces on guitars with Gastón Cariola, after some intense rehearsing and several line up changes, A SAD BADA began composing their first songs with the following line- up:

Fernando Figueroa – Vocals and guitars
Gastón Cariola – Guitars
Pablo Monroy – Drums

During this preceding composing stage, Pablo Monroy left the band to dedicate his efforts to Matanza, joining A SAD BADA Andrés Henríquez on drums and Daniel González on bass. With this new line-up, live shows were scheduled and performed on different local venues such as Bar Óxido, Las Américas, Classic Club, etc sharing stage with a bunch of local and very talented bands such as: Budasses, Dr.Zaius, Ocultum, Matanza, Abismo, among others.

On year 2011 and for personal reasons Andrés González and Daniel González left the band, after a short period of inactivity, on 2012 Roberto Toledo joined the band participating on the recording sessions of A SAD BADA´S Debut album entitled “White rivers and coldest chains”.

Finally, at the end of 2012 drummer Raúl Valenzuela (Twilight, Animus Bellum, Dios del Humo) joined the band to complete the current line-up as it follows:

Fernando Figueroa – Vocals and Guitars
Gastón Cariola – Guitars
Roberto Toledo – Bass and backing vocals
Raúl Valenzuela - Drums

All I have to say about this brilliant band is their song they sent me to check out - Rocio De Mayo - is a stunning Sludge/Post-Metal track full of emotion and powerful riffs to match. This is a band definitely to keep an eye out for when they release their debut album “White rivers and coldest chains” - later on in the year.

Check The Band From The Links Below

BandPage - Two songs available for free download

Check out Rocio De Mayo from the video below.