Tuesday 11 June 2013

Bad Trip

Bad Trip cover art

Bad Trip is an Experimental Post-Hardcore Sludge Metal Band from Thessaloniki, Greece

The members are:

Sks - Drums
pan - Bass
Alek - Gt
GeorgieBoy - Gt

Bad Trip is a superb Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band I haven't heard much about. But damn... I can't deny that they are a great band to check out as they are.

Their latest S/T release is a great mix of Post-Hardcore and Sludge Metal to intrigue and entice you with. 3 songs that run for 30 mins or so. Purely instrumental and one that I thinks suits their style of Sludge Metal.

They have a few releases available for download on their BandCamp and Soundcloud Page but it's their latest S/T release I rate the most highly. Riffs are played like a battle between the band members probably to see who can play the loudest and most fierce. As a band they are simply unstoppable in their quest to pulverize as many listeners as they can.

Listen to the superb instrumental work on Into Overdrive and Absence Of Meaning to see how hugely talented the band actually is.

Bad Trip add superb elements of Post-Rock vibes to their music as well. But you know the band will go back to their heavier sludge dark side.

The albums main selling point the is the brilliant 16:36 epic track - Dead Dream Nation. A song that toys with your emotions through the power of the almighty riff. This is where you see Bad Trip in full flight. Nothing can stand in their way on this highly impressive form.

It ends the album on almighty high. It showcases another excellent band from Greece for you all to chck out now. You can download this great album for free right now on BandCamp. So what you waiting for. Get downloading now.

This is one Bad Trip worth taking over and over again. Superb stuff.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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