Wednesday 5 June 2013

BICHE - S/T Album - Review

Biche cover art 

Biche is a Sludge/Hardcore Metal Band from Reims, France

The members are:

Meddy Vava / Drums
Loïck Le Hénaff / Guitar & Screams

As you can tell by the brilliant and graphic album cover that this is definitely not for kids. This is violent and fucked up Sludge/Hardcore Metal of the highest order.

Biche S/T debut album is 29 mins of some brilliant headbanging Sludge Metal to get your teeth stuck into. The band say they are influenced by Dark Castle, Mares Of Thrace and Eagle Twin. So if your a fan of those great bands then you need Biche in your life right now.

First track - Agrafe-moi les couilles sur une table à repasser - sets the scene brilliantly well but in a bleak way. Some great riffs to match the sludgy carnage on show. For a duo Biche are incredibly loud. And that is the point to their great music.

Loud, Angry and Violent as Hell. Probably Biche damning verdict on humanity treatment against animals. Or they could just really hate Walt Disney with a passion and especially Bambi.

Bit I digress - Biche prove they are a hugely talented duo built for one thing. Riffs. And the album is full of them. Superb tracks such as Terre, 6 millions and Un bon dimanche prove Biche are a band that deserves your attention now.

It's not the most sophisticated of sounds but when is "Violent HxC Sludge noise in your face muther fucka" ever is. That is their own description on their music and one I wholly agree with.

It might not make a lot of sense but damn it's sure a great mean loud and angry as hell ride. One that you will be coming back to for more.

Biche are another outstanding band to check out from our French Brothers In Arms. Plus any band that uses Bambi with it's eyes blown out is worth checking out in my opinion.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Biche is now available to buy on BandCamp now on CD and Digital Download.

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