Tuesday 11 June 2013

Sea Of Disorder

~Sea Of Disorder~ cover art

Sea of Disorder is a Postrock~Doom~Shoegaze~Ambient Metal Band from Salzburg, Austria

The members are:

Robert Czeko ~ Guitars, Bass, FX, Artwork
Christian Hubmann ~ Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Guitars

How the hell did I miss these guys for so long as they fucking rule!!! - Sea Of Disorder are a brilliant Post-Rock/Doom/Shoegaze/Ambient Metal band. Their S/T debut album is a 4 song and 28 minute blast of amazing hard-hitting Sludge/Post-Metal riffs.

Well I think they fall under the realm of Sludge/Post-Metal as they have the same heaviness of Sludge/Post-Metal heavyweights - Isis, Neurosis, The Ocean and Pelican.

Speaking of The Ocean - Sea Of Disorder have managed to get Loïc Rossetti do some guest vocals on the album. So they definitely some credibility amongst the Sludge Metal scene.

Chapter I - Frozen Tide - which sets the scene for this outstanding release. It's a track full of raw emotion and one that will instantly pull you in.

Wor-ship - is an ambient driven post-rock track that will surely send chills down your body. Whispering voices give this track a hollow and creepy vibe.

But the band leave the two best tracks for last:

Chapter II ~ And From The Deep Gloom Came The Stillness Before The Storm To Crush Upon The Sea And To Awake The Secluded Conqueror

Chapter III ~ Reinvigoration / Thalassophobia

These tracks is where the EP fully comes to life. Blistering vocals come out of nowhere on Chapter II to put this release onto another level. When Chapter III finally comes you have an epic 13:14 minute track that will leave you breathless with the amount of riffs and energy on show.

Sea Of Disorder have released an EP of exceptional quality. Plus it's availabe on BandCamp Buy Now Download. So what you waiting for. Headover there now and download this excellent release now. You won't be disappointed.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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