Tuesday 25 June 2013

Mumakil - Flies Will Starve (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 25/6/2013
Label : Relapse Records

Flies will Starve, album track listing:
1. Death from Below
2. Dawn of Slugs
3. War Therapist
4. Fucktards Parade
5. Built of Lies
6. Shit Reminders
7. Designed to Fail
8. Get Exorcised
9. Fresh Meat for the Grinder
10. Repudiate
11. Army of Freaks
12. Hailing Regression
13. Cockroaches
14. Wrong Turn
15. Let the World Burn
16. Piss Off
17. Waste by Definition
18. Unfair for Whom?
19. Bring Them to Ruin
20. Begging for the Obvious
21. Redline
22. Blind Disciples
23. Betrayer
24. Behind the Mask

Swiss Grind monsters return to the fold with their second Relapse full length ‘Flies Will Starve’.  Four years in the making, ‘Flies Will Starve’ further establishes Mumakil as behemoths of the grind-scene---24 overgrown songs of pounding blasting fury that make you feel like you’ve been run over by a herd of the fictional multi-tusked elephant beasts from which the band derived their name.  An absolute must for grind-freaks the world over

Jéjé  - Guitars
Thomas – Vocals
Benjamin Droz – Bass
Kevin Foley - Drums


That's what this is. Mumakil have a new album dropping over at Relapse, a fresh stab at world grind domination apparently. I am admittedly a new victim to their particular brand of brutal assault, but after subjecting myself to 'Flies Will Starve' I am totally onboard the Muma-cruise. Crazily enough, they're from Geneva. Doesn't stop them from dishing out the audio torture though, thankfully...

'Death From Below' is an insane album opener, as instantaneous and no nonsense as grind can possibly be. It's a very clean and fresh brand of grind though, be it because of, either the production or the technicality. Whatever it boils down to it sounds superb and impactful, and extremely vital. I'm all for a 'raw' sound, don't misunderstand me, but the quality of this record is HUGE due in large part to the high standards of the band. And this track is vicious; the blasts will knock you backwards. The vocal delivery will grab you by the throat and swing you round the room by it. This is some INTENSE shit, people.

'War Therapist' has a monster riff under it's arm, and it ain't afraid to use it as a weapon. This thing could liquefy skulls if played at substantial enough volume.

'Designed To Fail' lands double bass beats like grenades going off in a grenade factory, that was built on top of an ancient Indian grenade burial ground. BANG.

'Hailing Regression' is positively manic, like somebody strangling Godzilla to death. Awesomely offbeat signatures start the track, all the while being accompanied by that sick drumming.

'Waste By Definition' is partially more straightforward in structure (or as much as this psychotic album can be), but it still absolutely kills. A really catchy rager, and a certified pit starter. I bet this will turn venues to rubble when initiated live.

There are so many crazy highlights on this beast. 24 tracks and not a single skipper, it's hard to cover it all or even begin to do it all the justice it deserves. Being a Mumakil newcomer I entered unto this fray with no expectations, and I walked out the other side with a new record to add to my list of favourites. 'Flies Will Starve' will make your ass grow teeth, just so it can kick you in both at the same time. It's THAT good. Available worldwide from 25/6/2013, go grab yourself a copy ASAP.

Words by : Matt Fitton

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy this release here. This record is available now. Thanks to Becky @ Pioneermusicpress for the hook up