Saturday 22 June 2013

Horrors That You've Seen - Smokin, Skatin, Satan

Smokin, Skatin, Satan cover art

Horrors That You’ve Seen (HTYS) is a Doom/Hardcore Punk/Stoner Metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The members are:

Graham Caldwell - Vocals
Kieran Higgins - Guitar
Niall Robb - Guitar
Spud Robertson - Bass
Alain Baron - Drums

I originally featured these excellent Doom/Stoner Rockers back in Feb 2012. Their debut album album - Breaking Hearts - is an excellent album that I originally described as:

"The guys have just released their outstanding debut album – “Breaking Hearts”. A 11 song 45 minute masterclass of Stoner Metal with great Doom and Hardcore Punk vibes running through it’s veins.

HTYS play their music fast and furious so you better try and keep up with them as there are no slow numbers at all on this brilliant album. This is balls-to-the-wall Stoner Metal with attitude that you don’t hear too much these days especially when they mix Hardcore Punk and Doom Metal to their great music.

The album is full of potential anthems for us jaded Stoner Metallers who are fed up with Radio Friendly artists trying to be metal where they are so fucking not!!!"

Well I am pleased to say the guys are finally back with their excellent new EP - Smokin, Skatin, Satan. A 4 song and 20 minute blast of fast and furious Punk Fused Doom/Stoner Metal riffs.

If you loved their debut album then your going to love this. As it's heavier and faster than it's predecessor. Plus it's a whole lot more angrier as well. I wonder what has pissed off these demented rockers now!!!

I don't want to know as it's great seeing the band on top-notch form once again. If you want in-your-face Punk based Doom/Stoner Metal riffs then this is the release for you.

Check out excellent tracks Rot & Decay and Hellraiser to see what this band is really about. Loud and fucked off angry riffs. But the guys still throw in some superb guitar solos when the mood calls for it.

Smokin, Skatin, Satan is a must have release. So download this angry beast now. It's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download. You won't regret it.

You can also buy this release on Limited Edition Cassette Tape. Better be quick though as there is only 100 copies available.

All in all Horrors That You've Seen have proven they are one of Scotland's best Stoner Metal hopes. I can't wait for their next full length. As these guys have the potential to release something special onto the world judging by this excellent release.

You can still download their excellent debut Breaking Hearts for free as well. A brilliant album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

So raise your bongs and worship this great band right now!!!

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