Friday 14 June 2013

Sludgelord Presents: The Devils Jukebox


Hi people. Here it is. The New Sludgelord Compilation - The Devils Jukebox.

Hope you all like. Now do us proud and listen to this at full blast. All 4 hours of it.



Track No Artist Song
1 Beastwars Tower Of Skulls
2 Black Black Black Wisdom, Knowledge and Fucked
3 Nibiru Qaa-om sapah
4 Spelljammer Electric Ground
5 Traitors Return To Earth Human Drone
6 Desert Storm Titan
7 Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel Ouija
8 Sannhet Slow Ruin
9 Halmos Excursion Into Chaos
10 Hogslayer All Roads Lead To Bastard
11 Cold Blue Mountain PTSD
12 Druglord Motherfucker Rising
13 Zompok Your Devils Know My Name
14 Watertank Sleepwalk
15 Desert Storm Word To The Wise Man
16 The Tragedy We Live In Wahnsinn
17 Massive Thunderfuck Petting
18 Space Witch Cosmic Cauldron
19 Steak Acid Dave
20 Summoner Phoenix
21 Valfader Sacred Spiral
22 Lark's Tongue Days Of Nothing (Chokebore Cover)
23 Biche Un bon dimanche
24 Buioingola Rigurgito
25 Grey Host Dawn For Vultures
26 IRN Always Die Slowly
27 Myopic Empire God Machine
28 Renate/Cordate Calumate
29 Roadkillsoda Can't Take Control
30 Ten Foot Wizard FUCK
31 Terminal Prospect The Edge Of Confusion
32 The Whorehouse Massacre Bowels Of Hell
33 Tumbleweed Dealer How To Light A Joint With A Blowtorch
34 Jacknife Holiday K-Hole
35 Wolves Carry My Name Bone Carver
36 Montecharge VIII. Wolves

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We want to thank all the artists and record labels involved for allowing ourselves to use their music once again. So Thanks to Everyone.

Everyone should check out all these excellent bands. Without them and the many other great bands that we feature on Sludgelord – we wouldn't be here promoting the music we all know and love.

Thanks to all the readers who keep visiting the blog on a daily basis. You all make it worthwhile.

Thanks to the entire Sludgelord team for making a valuable contribution on a regular basis. Couldn't do this without you all.

Sludgelord Team