Saturday 22 June 2013

Nightslug - Dismal Fucker - Review

Nightslug is a Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Germany

The members are:

P.Slug - Bass
F.Slug - Drums
J.Slug - Guitar/Vocals

Having heard of German doomsters Union Of Sleep, I was absolutely floored about this new project. As someone who is constantly searching for new heavy sounds, I felt like the biggest dummy for having Nightslug escape my sight! After repeatedly listening to their EP from 2011, you can imagine my anticipation and excitement for more.

"Dismal Fucker" brings forth the culmination of evil and despair, rips it apart and smashes it back together to redesign ugly. Just look at the album cover. That is what you'll look like as you unknowingly mean mug strangers on your morning commute to work.

"No Relief" starts off with the punch of heavy open strings, pounding drums that build up tension, followed by heavy sludge that would suitably fit Godzillas entrance to an "all you can smash buffet" or wrestling ring.

The following self titled track really turns up the pace. Fist pumpers unite! Get your heating pads warmed up because your neck is going to be sore in the morning. It's such a suitable way to finally let out your feelings of uneasiness from "No Relief." Filthy heavy rock that comes to a hold and unleashes doom that makes you want to yell, "Yes!"

Next, "Sick" pounds your ears with an instrumental track that is layered with brain piercing feedback, tribal drums, and chugging guitars. A perfect segway to "All Is Hell" which let's the terror continue. The reverbed vocals echo from the beyond and captivate you in such a way that the song is over before you know it. For those who complain about how long doom songs are, this ones for you.

As much as I want to describe every song in explicit detail, I just really don't want to spoil it for you. "Die In Fire," "Into Oblivion," "MOTS," and "On Field Of Mayhem" round out the album in perfection. Around 42 minutes long, "Dismal Fucker" is a dismal fucker. A very impressive release that I will be playing for a long time.

You MUST hear this! This right here. This is it. This is what breathes in the shadows, what hides in the depths, what waits for for you to fall asleep. This is evils incarnate, ready to take you under. Embrace it's cold arms and anxiously await the LP release from Per Koro Records.

Written by Jason Cantu

Thanks to Jens of Nightslug for sending us a copy to review. We really appreciate it dude.

Amazing album. So buy it when it's released on Per Koro Records and BandCamp very soon.

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