Sunday 2 June 2013

Mordbrand - Unmake - Review

Unmake cover art

Mordbrand is a Death Metal Band from Karlstad, Sweden

The members are

B.Larsson - Guitar, Bass
J.Rudberg - Drums
P.Boder - Vocals

Mordbrand – Unmake

Mordrand’s latest 4 track EP is another cavalcade of death metal goodness. Hailing from Sweden, Unmake is the band’s fourth release. All of Mordrand’s releases have been in single or EP form.

Their latest release opens up with the pounding ‘Spew Forth Anti-Life.’ The tone is set for the EP with the opening few bars of the first track. Dense guitars and enraged blast beat drumming laced with thrash tendencies are par for the course. It ticks all the boxes one would expect from a death metal outfit from Scandinavia.

Second track, ‘The Swallowing of Swarms,’ has vocalist Per Boder in scintillating growling form. The guttural anguish of the vocals and the slower tempo of the track make this track a real treat. A great solo from guitarist Bjorn Larsson, helps top the track of perfectly.

As the EP nears the end, ‘Initiate Extinction Sequence’ opens with a cacophony of seemingly non descript guitars and drums, however, the instruments come together excellently to create another great black metal track. The track again has a slower tempo when it settles, however the focal point of the vocals are again crushing.

The concluding track of the EP is a cover version of influential Canadian speed metal band, Exciter’s 1984 track, ‘War is Hell.’ Mordbrand’s version is obvioulsly completely different to their Canadaian counterparts, and the track here is given a complete death metal makeover. Johan Rudberg’s drumming is again ferocious and the vocals take the track to the darkest depths. More excellent solo work is also on show here.

‘Unmake’ would make a great introduction to Mordbrand (as it has been for me). A little under twenty minutes long, is enough to whet the appetite for more from this Swedish death metal trio.

Written by Dominic Walsh

Thanks to Doomentia Records for sending ourselves a promo to review.

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