Friday 7 June 2013


Whiskey Sierra 7" cover art

Corrupt Moral Altar is a Grindcore Metal Band from Liverpool, UK.

The members are:

John Cooke - Guitar
Chris Reese - Vocals
Tom Dring - Drums
Adam Clarkson - Bass


Liverpool's CxMxA (that's Corrupt Moral Altar) have a new 7" coming out called 'Whiskey Sierra'. They play an absolutely blistering fusion of Hardcore, Sludge, Doom and Grind. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that it's an unholy, noisy racket and you should subject your listening holes to this filth. Four tracks of the heavy good shit. And vinyl, as we all know, is a hangout of cool. You do want to be cool, don't you?

Of course you do.

The opening title track has a rock n' roll groove to it, but that's where anything wholesome ends. This is intense music for intense times, full of poison and regret. Apart from the sweet riffs. They probably don't regret those very much. Wailing guitar and hardcore beats eventually cave in and give way to a fat breakdown, which in turn sports some DM tones. It's a brutal mix. Matthew likes brutal.

'Lord' is more of a full ahead powerviolence beast. It features some nice pinch harmonics in stark contrast to some bottomless guitar pits. I would gladly fall down one of these things and never want to be rescued. Ominous as hell, especially with the deranged vocals at the end. Good stuff.

'Politics Is A Bargain Between Beggars' ups the grind ante, but is a still a sludge overdose. The low end that these miscreants manage to reach is mighty impressive. Let's face it, we all come here for the tasty low-end don't we?

And we bow out here with 'You Don't Have To Go To Clown College', a nice piece of Nails-worthy hellfire and savagery. This is pretty extreme, and I don't mean in a Mountain Dew sponsored kinda way. More like cyanide. It's horrible, and I mean that with the absolute best intentions.

If you're a fan of having your senses tortured, pick up a copy of 'Whiskey Sierra' when it comes out in July. Support homegrown noise and talent. These guys have both of those aspects locked down seriously tight. Check it out.

Written By Matt Fitton

Thanks to the band, Baitin' The Trap Records and Dead Chemists Records for sending us a copy to review.

Whiskey Sierra is available to buy now on BandCamp Digital Download. The 7" is available to buy from 8th July 2013.

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