Saturday 22 June 2013

PYRES - Year Of Sleep - Review

Year Of Sleep cover art

Pyres is a Psychedelic Sludge Metal Band from Canada

The members are:

A. Wilson
M. Sloetjes
D. Lamere
M. Delparte

Pyres are a band following the same blistering path as their more famous contemparies – Baroness, Mastodon, High On Fire but with a slight dash of Motorhead running through their veins.

I originally featured these guys back in 2012 when I reviewed their excellent debut S/T EP. Well a year later the guys are back with their brilliant debut album – Year Of Sleep. 6 tracks that runs for 40 minutes or so.

First track – Proximity – is an epic assault on the senses. Riffs come at you at every level and corner that harks back to the heavier earlier days of Mastodon and Baroness. However, these are no mere copycats. These guys have excellent ideas of their own. Mainly playing fast-paced Sludge Metal riffs with a great psych hardcore edge. It shows you what to expect for the next 40 mins. So sit back and enjoy this brilliant album in all its hard-hitting glory.

Second Track – Deserter – is another excellent track highlighting what excellent guitarists they have within their ranks. Pyres play through a barrage of fast paced psych sludge riffs while including some wonderful Thin Lizzy style duelling guitars. But it is when the band starts adding psychedelic layers to their music; they start to come into their own identity. And it is one they excel at. Throw in the excellent vocals and you have an album that is starting to take shape as a blistering debut record with only 2 songs in.

It is the third track – Year Of Sleep – where you finally begin to take notice of this bands incredible talent. This 9:29 minute epic will take you through the motions through the power of the almighty riff. If ever a song was created to be played as loud as you can then this is it. Just immerse yourself with Year Of Sleep as its song that makes you feel truly alive. Or just happy you are listening to a track as good as this. Jaw-dropping stuff….

Well you can tell that Year Of Sleep is my fave track from the album. But don’t worry you still have 3 other great tracks to check out from this excellent album. Just expect riffs, riffs and more riffs to headbang to. Especially on the epic 8:11 minute last track – Everbearing – which takes everything you love from Sludge Metal and adds a volatile hardcore edge to it. But it still sounds so fresh and original.

This album becomes better with each listen. I have only had this album since Tuesday of this week and I am already into double figures. It still surprises me with every listen. I never wanted the album to end on my first listen and that is always a good sign in my book. But hey what do I know…..

All that I do know is Year Of Sleep is simply a brilliant debut album that the band should rightly be proud of. Canada’s new breed of Sludge Metal Overlords are finally here!!! – Ignore them at your peril.

Amazing. You need this album in your record collection!!!!

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Pyres and Granite House Records for sending me a promo to review.

Year Of Sleep will be available to buy on CD, DD and Vinyl from July 23rd 2013 via Granite House Records.

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