Saturday 22 June 2013

Womb Of The Desert Sun - Invocation: Our Dying Days

Photo: invocation: our dying days EP cover for physical release is now finished. Artwork by the amazing Kelley Hagemes!

Womb Of The Desert Sun is a Sludge Metal Band from USA

The members are:

chris grosso - bass/vocals
mike banfield - drums

Womb Of The Desert Sun have been around a while now and have released two excellent EP’s to show off their incredible talents.

Where Moths Eat and Worms Destroy
Invocation: Our Dying Days

Now these EP’s have been around a while on bandcamp but they are being released on limited edition CD's on excellent record label – The Path Less Travelled Records.

It is their latest EP - Invocation: Our Dying Days - where the band truly shows their sludge metal credentials. Imagine a lo-fi version of Baroness or Mastodon but still having bags of originality. They add some haunting soundscapes to their music. The EP is only 25 minutes or so but what a rush this EP actually is. Superb hard-hitting riffs from the start make this EP an unmissable ride from start to finish.

This band has an excellent lo-fi punk based edge to their music. It can be bleak at times but all you need to do is put your volume upto full blast to experience the full effect. The EP has its fair share of great riffs to rock out to. I have been listening to it non-stop for the last couple of weeks or so ever since the band kindly sent me copies of both EP’s.

All of the tracks are great as each other but I if I have to choose my fave track then it will have to be the amazing – Invocation. A haunting instrumental track that highlights what great musicians the guys actually are. The song is full of emotion to match the sublime riffs on show.

Do not be expecting professional or polished vocals, as that is not the band’s style. They have a great guerrilla style vibe to them that matches the overall feel of the lo-fi/DIY approach the band live and breath for.

All in all Womb Of The Desert Sun are a band who demands your attention now. Womb Of The Desert Sun has a bright future ahead of them. I cannot wait to see what these guys unleash on a proper full-length record as they have proven they have the talent and vision to go very far indeed.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy both EP’s on CD from The Path Less Travelled Records here:

Thanks to the band for sending me copies to check out.

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