Wednesday 5 June 2013

Khünnt - Dead Eyes - Review

Dead Eyes cover art

Khünnt is a Doom/Noise/Drone/Sludge Metal Band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

The members are:

Rusty Shakleford
Sam Grant
John-Michael Hedley
Matthew Baty
Will Westall (When not in Belgium)
 Michael Bridgewater

What we have here folks is another loud and fucked up band from Aaron's and my own hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Khünnt play Sludge Metal riffs blending Doom, Drone and Noise to brutal effect. They have quite a fearsome live reputation within Newcastle Upon Tyne. They have been going since 2006 and their latest release Dead Eyes is their most recent work they have ventured into the realm of Violent Sludge.

The album in on for a head-crushing 37 mins or so. And is being released on Vinyl. Probably the reason why the songs are called Side A and Side B.

But who needs song titles when you have brutal and violent riffs like this to fuck up your fragile little world. Khünnt play riffs like their lives dependant on it. More as ammunition against an unknown enemy.

The listener is an observer in this unspeakable war of noise. It's loud, unrelenting and unforgiving with it's violent nature. If your a fan of Khanate and Noothgrush then your going to love this like I did.

The brilliance of this record is it's truly DIY approach to the music. It's dark, grimy and pretty horrific at times. So if your looking for a vibrant and uplifting vibe then you better look elsewhere. As Khünnt are masters of the dark and violent art they call music.

If you want something bleak to take over your soul then you have found the right band for you. This is only being released on Vinyl. So buy it if you want to get closer to Satan himself....

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Matt of Box Records for sending me a copy to review.

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