Wednesday 19 June 2013

Facebreaker - Dedicated to the Flesh (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 28/6/2013
Label : Cyclone Empire
Dedicated to The Flesh, album track listing:

01. Meat Freak
02. Dedicated To The Flesh
03. Catacomb
04. Zombie Flesh Cult
05. Mutilator
06. Nuclear Outbreak
07. Hellmaster
08. Carving For Brains
09. Swarm Of Zombies
10. Legions Of Doom
11. World Cremation
12. Tomb Of The Hungry Dead

Facebreaker is a Swedish death metal band from Finspång..
Die Band wurde 1999 gegründet und veröffentlichte ein Jahr später das Demo Use Your Fist . The band was founded in 1999 and published a year later, the demo Use Your Fist. 2003 In 2003 and 2004 appeared a 7 "single and the debut album Bloodred Hell each with the Rage of Achilles label. 2008 the band released their second album Dead, Rotten and Hungry at Pulverised Records from Singapore and then played on the Party.San . In May 2009, she went with the band Torture Killer and Demonical tour of Europe and later played on the Neurotic Death Fest and the With Full Force . In early 2010, the band signed a recording contract with the German label Cyclone Empire and there released her third album Infected 2011. played on subjects including the open-air festivlas Fuck the Commerce, Death Feast and Summer Breeze

Line up:
Roberth Karlsson : Vocals
Mika Lagrén: Guitar
Janne Ivarsson: Guitar
Micke Wassholm: Drums
Jonas Magnusson: Bass

I first experienced Facebreaker back in 2004- the NWOAHM was at its peak, Dimebag was soon to be departed and death metal of this type was presumed, in fact, dead. That album was fairly ferocious in the Swedish ways of old. This one doesn't disappoint either. Lots of zombie themes (do I detect veganism lurking within the band a la Carcass?!).

Meat Freak” is a powerful opener and sets out what the band do well. The title tracks tilts along at Motorhead/crust pace with a good measure of Bolt Thrower thrown in. The call and response vocals are a nice touch and the production is thoughtful. Superb chug riff towards the end of the track too!

Catacomb” ups the tempos and shortens the track length. It reaches Entombed heights (or is that depths?) in terms of rhythms and approach and a nifty solo thrown in to boot.

Zombie Fleshcult” starts with a nice down and dirty riff and then makes good use of the twin guitar set up. A stomping pace thus ensues with some double time changes taking the track into a kind of mid paced territory. The subject matter of the record is well and truly established here. Ever since Death included the word “Zombie” on an SBG song title that most ubiquitous of horror creatures has remained almost synonymous with DM lyrical themes. If it aint broke...“Mutilator” keeps the tempos down and brings an almost Obituary-esque vibe to proceedings. The solo is pure early 90's DM and all the more welcome for that.

Thrash heights are scaled with “Nuclear Outbreak” while “Hellmaster” deals with fast picked but slow progressing riffs that work very well within the framework here. The double bass drums don't let up (save for the old half time onto the ride cymbal trick... ) and the track swings along nicely.
Carving For Brains” deals with the complex ethics involved in transplant procedures and examines the aftermath via the guilt of those receiving organs... oh, sorry- it doesn't; it's about zombies. No change here, but more of the same brutal riffs and double tracked vocals for the chorus.

Swarm Of Zombies” utilises creeping riff structures again and shows some very pleasing riffing- particularly under the chorus. “Legions Of Doom” rips along with a riff reminiscent of Necroticism era Carcass before stomping along and then switching back and forth. “World Cremation”  brings with it a furious pace with no let up. The production is thick and raw with the band playing rough and not too technical- perfect for this type of stuff. No seven string guitars here or people nerding out over the first Cynic album- straight up Swedish DM (no, not In Flames) that will get your head nodding.

Tomb of The Hungry dead” closes the album strongly, starting as it does with fast picking, a slow hi hat count then matching double bass drums to the pick pattern- text book! It's good to hear an album of DM with choruses and cyclical riff patterns. The wheel is not reinvented, certainly, but the band play with style and commitment. There are some great riffs, cool solos and a nice old school feel to the whole album (production included). If you like horror based DM and of course Zombies, then this record will be right up your deserted shopping mall concourse.

Words by : Richard Maw

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links and buying their merch. This record is available everywhere now. Thanks as always to Jan @ Sureshotworx for the hook up.