Sunday 2 June 2013

Liblikas - Wooden Spaceship

Wooden Spaceship cover art 

Liblikas is a Psychedelic/Progressive Stoner Metal band from Estonia

The members are:

Temo Saarna
Henrik Harak
Mihkel-Madis Rebane
Joosep Käsper
Oliver Aunver  

Now I am going to let the band tell you all about this weird and wonderful Stoner Metal collective is all about.

"Liblikas are a Psychedelic-Progressive metal from Estonia, that can be described as having influences from Stoner rock, Sludge metal, Thrash metal and occasionally Jazz. Of our many influences, it would probably be most appropriate to bring out Mastodon, Baroness, The Sword and probably Frank Zappa and King Crimson. 

We have been active and doing gigs for about a year now, although the songs have been in the making for almost three years. Just recently we released our first full-length album "Wooden Spaceship" on

"Wooden Spaceship“ could be defined as a concept-album. It tells the story of a man who awakes to find himself in our bewildered world, with no recollection of his past, trying desperately to get his innocent and unwitting head around the everyday proceedings of a world hell-bent on needless hustle and haste, a world he now finds himself stranded in. 

Over the course of his journey, he lives through a wide spectrum of emotions never felt before: amazement, insanity,love, panic. Eventually finding it all a little too much to bear, he flies away into the peaceful space" 

So if that description has got your blood pumping then you check out Wooden Spaceship as it's an excellent album from start to finish. Full of sublime psychedelic progressive stoner metal riffs to check out and head-bang to.

If your a fan of Mastodon's - Crack The Skye - then your going to fucking dig it. Big time like I did. Check out excellent tracks - Wooden Spaceship, White Room, Acid Rain Dance and Skyoff.

All proving that Liblikas are a hugely talented band with a weird and wonderful imagination to match the insane ideas on show.

All in all an excellent album if you want something different from your Stoner Metal music.

You can download this now on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Or you can buy the CD if you want a physical copy.

Excellet and Highly Recommended.

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