Friday 7 June 2013



Havok is a Thrash Metal Band from Denver, Colorado, USA

The members are:

David Sanchez - Lead vocals / Guitars
Pete Webber - Lead drums
Reece Scruggs - Lead guitar / Vocals
Michael Leon - Lead bass / Vocals


THRASH! I like thrash. I get quite sentimental about it, as for me it was pretty much the gateway drug into the heavy shit when I was but a nipper. It was the music of our friend's older brothers and sisters, and I loved early Metallica, Anthrax, etc. That's why I love this current wave of neo thrash bands, or what I like to dub 'Throwback Thrash'. Go ahead, you can use that if you like.

Havok are a prime example of this new generation of thrash done right. They slay the old fashioned way, killer hooks and lightning riffs. Their newest effort is called 'Unnatural Selection', and it makes me want to slam a cold one and start a circle pit. On my neighbour's lawn.

'I Am The State' wastes absolutely ZERO time in kicking off the proceedings, crazy high-end vocals and whirlwind, machine gun drumming. The riffs are super sharp and should not be run with in hand. IT MAKES YOU WANT TO BREAK STUFF. Which is just what all great thrash should do.

'It Is True' slows it down just a pinch, but is by no means a sedate affair or any less thrashtastic. It's riffs are more chunky as a consequence (like peanut butter from 1986), and the vocal delivery, complete with the odd gang background backup, feels even more effective. A joy to behold.

'Waste Of Life' features an absolutely HUGE lead riff, pretty evil but also really fucking handsome. I love this thing, it's the best vibe that thrash can offer, tons of backbone and drenched in groove. When Havok do slow it down they are possibly even more badass than when they are playing fast enough to tear a hole in the fabric of space and time.

'Worse Than War' has another sick start and build, the riffs on this bitch are meaty as hell. A real love affair between the band and the heyday of the 80s is clearly evident, nothing is cynical about this, and they earn mad respect for it. The rhythm section needs danger money for this record, but they keep their end of the bargain with real resolve. A total killer, on every level.

Special mention goes to a nice Sabbath cover in 'Children Of The Grave', a personal favourite of mine. The band does it real justice, and you gotta have the skills to pull off a good Sabbath cover.

'Unnatural Selection' is a modern thrash behemoth, a real rager in every sense. It stands shoulders high, and holds it's own with ease, not only against modern counterparts but also against some of it's legendary forefathers. Grab a copy ASAP, and go fuck up your neighbour's lawn as I just have. Now then, where did I put my beer?...

Written By Matt Fitton

Thanks to Darren and Candlelight Records for sending ourselves a promo to review. Much appreciated.

Unnatural Selection will be available to buy from 24th June 2013 from Candlelight Records.

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