Wednesday 5 June 2013

TOPON DAS - Solo Albums To Check Out

Eleven Songs cover art

As you know by now - Topon Das - from Fuck The Facts and Merdarahta is one of my all-time fave musicians. I recently interviewed Topon as he has been a cool friend to the blog.

Letting me review the excellent new Fuck The Facts EP - Amer. Or when Merdarahta have a new release out.

But Topon Das has released some solo albums as well over the years. 3 of them which he has put up for Buy Now Download on BandCamp. If your a fan of harsh noise and experimental metal then this is for you.

I have listened to a couple of these albums a few years back. It was great catching up with them as Topon has some excellent tracks at his disposal to scare the fuck out of you.

Precautions Taken Against Premature Burial cover art

Anyway there are 3 excellent releases for you to check out now.

2003 - Eleven Songs
2004 - Precautions Taken Against Premature Burial
2013 - Untitled Track

Check out Topon's latest release. Untitled Track. Recorded live with as little effects as possible. An incredible release from a truly brilliant artist.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.