Sunday 2 June 2013

Beyond Mortal Dreams - Dreaming Death EP Review

Dreaming Death cover art

Beyond Mortal Dreams is a Death Metal Band from Adelaide, Australia.

The members are:

Doomsayer - Guitars/bass/vocals
Bloodspawn - Guitars
Maleficus - Drums

It seems that the Land Down Under has recently been renamed as the Land Torn Asunder, if their latest musical exports are anything to go by. Australians are, by and large, a very chilled, happy-go-lucky bunch but, when it comes to metal, they seem to become inhuman monsters that breathe fire and eat Fosters cans like chewing gum. Adelaide’s Beyond Mortal Dreams is such a band: a group of Australian demons who list their influences on Facebook as being ‘Thunder, lightning, earthquakes planetary disasters!!!’

Their brand new release is a four-track EP entitled ‘Dreaming Death’, and it’s four of the most venomous, ripping death metal tunes to come from the southern hemisphere. Let’s tear into it!

First up is the six-minute chariot of metal fire that is ‘Feast of Carrion’, and it is a hurtling monster, filled with tarmac-melting solos and mauling vocals courtesy of Bloodspawn and Doomsayer respectively. Maleficus’ drumming is also a mighty juggernaut on this track, deftly hammering out blast beats and speedfreak fills. This is a crushing, monumental EP opener that not only raises the death metal bar, but bends it and twists it into a pretzel in front of its peers.

As soon as ‘Feast of Carrion’ comes to a screaming, rending finish, ‘The Filth of Their God’ slithers and spits its way onto the speakers, the machinations of organized religions the focus of the band’s aggression. And it’s an aggression that creates a snarling, grinding snake that demands your attention. If the track bites you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And seek medical attention, just in case.

The EP’s title track begins with a spacy, sweeping synthesizer sound, which slowly but inexorably gets invaded by trilling and heavy guitars and operatic vocals. It’s a very doomy track, the pace slow and threatening for the majority of the song, before anger and mania take over and ‘Dreaming Death’ unleashes solos of monumental scope and length that feel like sonic G-forces have been exerted upon your unsuspecting eardrums. The EP’s closer is a cover of Finnish black metallers Beherit’s ‘Beast of Damnation’, and it’s a perverse, terrifying and amazing homage to the original, with even darker vocals laced over the music, if such a thing were possible. The song has been made even more punishing and depraved than the original version: I urge you to check it out.

It turns out that Beyond Mortal Dreams are an Australian death metal band with truly remarkable skills and brutal potential. If it’s music with more bite than a shoal of sharks you seek, Australia is the place to check out, and Beyond Mortal Dreams should be one of your first ports of call. It’s time to get aggressive!

Written By Chris Markwell

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