Saturday 22 June 2013

TOAD - Endless Night - Review

TOAD is a Blackened Thrash/Death and Roll Band from Tempe, Arizona, USA

The members are:

Chthon - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Nate - Guitar
Pete - Organ
Trey - Bass
Jason - Drums

TOAD (Take Over And Destroy) is a band some of you are already aware of. If not then you are seriously missing one of the most refreshing and hard-hitting bands the scene has to offer. They blasted their way into the public conscience with their excellent and highly regarded 2011 debut record – Rotten Tide.

Rotten Tide showed a band with an uncompromising sound blending Death, Thrash, Punk and Rock & Roll into one highly volatile cocktail of destruction. I raved on about it back in 2011. Two years later and after a lot of personal upheaval for the band, they are back with their excellent new album – Endless Night. What you have here is five tracks that run for an intense 30 mins or so.

First Track – Taste Of The Grave – is a track that gets down straight to business to show you what the band is all about. Slightly creepy fantastic riffs to rock out to. Vocalist Chthon is on fine form here. The fast-paced guitar riffs seem at war with each other to prove an unsettling ride into the darker side of life.

Second Track – Cosmophobia – starts with a slow-paced guitar riff aided along by a creepy organ in the background. You know something dangerous is lurking around the corner. You can just feel it in your bones that TOAD are going to take you on another scary ride of thrills and spills all told by their haunting blend of top-notch music. This track has more sinister atmospherics running through its 6:26 minute running time than the last Ghost album. It is seriously that great folks!!!

Howling House and Boundaries Of Flesh just carry on TOAD’s majestic style of Death and Roll. Playing on the listeners fears of everything sinister and having a whole load of sinister fun with it. There are plenty of riffs to be found here. Both tracks have a dark underlying vibe to them and prove whatever life throws at TOAD they come back stronger and ever. It gives TOAD their dark and dangerous edge. Mainly to scare the living wits out of people. But I would not have it anyway.

The last track – Endless Night – is probably the finest track that TOAD has written so far. It is another creepy tale of sinister happenings in dark and mysterious places where you should not really be looking as you know it can only end in danger. But TOAD don't care. You have ventured into their crypt and they will make you pay for your sins. Your reward is a barrage of brilliant death’n’roll riffs that will make it very hard for you to escape. And the thing you will be doing once this dark and twisted tale has been told. Pressing the Play button to take this ride over and over again. As TOAD say it is going to be an Endless Night!!!

Yeah this album is something else. It is probably the finest Death and Roll album 2013 has to offer. If you want something to scare and thrill you on these long summer nights then Endless Night is the album for you.

If you were slightly disappointed by the last Kvelertak album then this is what they should have sounded like. TOAD are the real deal in Black’N’Roll or whatever genre you want to call it. Endless Night is a major success on every level. No matter how you look at it – Endless Night is Dark, Scary, Twisted and full of great riffs to head-bang/rock out to.

Simply Unmissable and Highly Recommended.

Endless Night will be available to buy on Comfort Point Records from 25th June 2013. Thanks to Earsplit PR for sending us a copy to review.

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