Friday 7 June 2013


The Black Dahlia Murder is Melodic Death Metal Band From Detroit, Michigan, USA

The members are:

Trevor Strnad − Vocals
Brian Eschbach − Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Knight − Guitar
Max Lavelle − Bass Guitar
Alan Cassidy - Drums


The Black Dahlia Murder return with their sixth (!) studio effort, 'Everblack'. Looks like I'm back on the death metal train folks! And what a tasty piece of flesh this is. The Michigan crew has delivered the goods again. If the 'goods' in question that you ordered reek of decay and vile undertones, then we're Kool and the Gang.

They do? Oh good. Sign here please...

There's no messing about with album opener 'In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me'. Evil origins aside, it jumps down your mouth and gets all up in your grill with a knife in it's hand. There are some real virtuoso guitars going down and the double bass is laid on thick at times. And when that's resting the drumming is positively homicidal. Strnad's vocals are menacing as ever, be they high or low, and he's quickly becoming a master of his particular field.

'Into The Everblack' has more of that fantastic skin beating, and some brilliant, paced out background riffery. The leads are strong and melodic, and continue to borrow more from the Swedish school of DM. There is a nice symphonic build in the middle that leads into a great, yet subtle solo. That drumming is some really ape stuff though. Top notch.

'Phantom Limb Masturbation' as a title, and as a track, sounds really fucking sick. Slow and nasty, and a real neck snapping piece. It plods along at an ominous and dedicated pace, like an undead army. And undead armies are the absolute business. Never met one that I didn't like.

'Every Rope A Noose' starts strong and never deviates from the path. Never more so do those melodic guitars seem at complete opposite with the concussive drums. It's brimming with confidence, so much so that it's practically full of itself. It loses it's shit towards the end of the track too, and descends into some hyper fast beats that will rattle your skull.

Black Dahlia have been consistent in regards of quality and steady release of full lengths. They're pretty much a go-to band for some no nonsense, high voltage DM. They pull no punches and they always land on target, as they have again on 'Everblack'. It's bursting at the seams with ludicrous leads, and some completely demonic drums. It's the sum of everything they have done upto this point, and it marks their transition to true leaders in a sea that is populated by some very talented acts. Don't gamble on this; All bets are off. 'Everblack' is a sure-fire winner.

Written by Matt Fitton

Thanks to Metal Blade Records for sending us a promo to review. Much apprecaited.

Everblack will be available to buy from the following dates on Metal Blade Records.

Europe - June 7th 2013 to June 10th 2013
Japan - June 12th 2013
USA - June 11th 2013

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