Wednesday 5 June 2013

Drunk Dad - Morbid Reality - Review

Image of DRUNK DAD Morbid Reality

Drunk Dad is a "Fuck All You Wave" Metal Band from Portland, Oregon, USA.

The members are:

Jose De Lara
Adam Garcia
Joseph Naylor
Dane Herrin

Sometimes it’s good to step away from the harsh edges of the city of Death Metal and place your foot firmly into the untamed land of Sludge. Here the ground simply oozes and burbles in response to your presence, and always spurts forth a new entity from some strange, dark nest. Today’s beast is Drunk Dad, a four-piece from Portland who describe their sound as ‘Fuck You All Wave’, which is an indicator of their murky attitude and uncompromising sound. Their EP ‘Morbid Reality’ is four tracks of Sludge so filthy you’ll need to check yourself over with a Geiger Counter to make sure you’re not irradiated from their magnificently mutagenic riffs. Let’s get dirty!

First up is ‘Guts’, a seven-minute slice of furiously fuzzy bass, distorted guitars and frenzied drumming, accompanied with some rather understated vocals that are reminiscent of Mike IX Williams’ beat poetry. Then the voice mutates into some horrifying bestial howl, and the pace slows to a tense and ominous drip. It’s a very trippy tune, and a growlingly good way to start a Sludge record.

‘Seizure’ is only one minute and twenty-one seconds long, and is a rolling, brawling grunge terror that cranks the hate factor to eleven. No sooner are we acquainted with the track then it gets taken away with a droning, feedback-riddled sound. ‘Ritual’ sounds like World War 2 bombers on the horizon, mixed with what sounds like some poor animal being sliced open alive. The screams and the bomber-feedback rise up to a disturbing crescendo, then ‘Scum Fee’ sets upon us like a drunken former prize-fighter with nothing to lose. The track is loud, abrasive and full of raw, pounding energy, yet still retaining the Sludgy sensibilities set by the preceding songs.

If Grunge’s body sank into a swamp and returned to life, years later, this would be the creature. A dark beast, sallow-faced and sunken-eyed, the Sludge monster from Portland is truly something to behold. Please check out Drunk Dad, a fiend that will hungrily feast upon your ears. Allow it.

Written By Chris Markwell

Eolian Empire will drop Morbid Reality via 12” vinyl and digital download on June 11th 2013.

Thanks to Earsplit PR for the promo. Much appreciated guys.

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