Saturday 22 June 2013

Vinyl Corner: Traitors Return To Earth - Betting On A Full Collapse (Album Review)

Traitors Return To Earth is a Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Columbus, Ohia, USA

The members are:

Justin Ringle - drums
Jordan Chasteen - bass
Kevin Masters - guitar
Christopher Sherrod - vocals

This blog should have a banner or logo somewhere that says, "Proud sponsors of Traitors Return To Earth." I think the self-described doom dealers from Columbus, Ohio have been featured a handful of times at the Sludgelord. Obviously, we're huge fans and I know at least a couple of us bought a vinyl copy of Betting On A Full Collapse.

The die-hard versions from STB Records sold out quickly but the band still have some of their self-released vinyl to go around, so here's your chance. Don't hesitate.

The music? It's 21st-century, knuckle-scraping heaviness. Read the raving review like I did and you'll understand the hype. Thanks to the Sludgelord for introducing me to Traitors Return To Earth and their amazing new album. It's everything I could have hoped for...and more.

My two favorite songs: E.H.M. and Wall Street Swan Dive.

THE COMIC BOOK:  A wonderful idea! Go ahead and include something I used to collect with something I collect now. I was a comic-book nerd growing up and still have some to this day, so when I heard this record came with one I got pretty excited. After I held it in my hands this old man felt like a kid again. It's the first edition of Smoke Screen Comics with art by W. Ralph Walters and a short story by Kevin Masters, Traitors Return To Earth guitarist. That's right, he's pretty handy with a pen too. I don't want to give the plot away so I'll just say that it involves space travel and the evolution of the human species.

The artwork and quality of the paper stock is even better than I expected, with full-color cover and reverse, while the six sturdy pages inside are understandably black-and-white. On the back you'll see the quartet's lineup in their comic likeness along with the liner notes, thank-yous and other information usually found on the back of an album cover. Betting On A Full Collapse lyrics are on the first page and each of the five songs has its own artist's depiction.

The whole thing is just such a cool, original and unique addition to a vinyl package. Talk about something to comb through while I'm listening to the record! I hope there is a Smoke Screen Comics #2. Maybe a three-part series?

THE VINYL: Limited run of classic black and even fewer on what the band describe as money green clear, but I think the clear color version appears more like one of those old, empty glass cola bottles. Coke-bottle clear. Or money green. Whatever, it's sweet. The space-doom cover has some eye-popping artwork that's best visible when the album is turned on its bottom-left corner. 

Right before I wrote this I checked with the band and here's the full scoop: there's some color and plenty of black versions left to be had. Remember, all vinyl comes with the righteous comic book and a digital download with a couple staggering bonus tracks. If I didn't already have the die-hard version from STB, I'd click that Big Cartel link below and opt for the affordable vinyl (black), t-shirt and patch bundle.

THE REEL - And here's yet another rarity you can get if you have the cash to spare - and the equipment to play it. Surely someone does. Traitors Return to Earth are offering up a few Maxell reel-to-reel tape copies of Betting On A Full Collapse. Incredible. Check that out!

Support the underground.