Thursday 27 June 2013

Peacemaker - Cult.45 (Album Review)

Album Type :  Full Length
Date Released : Out Now
Label : Distortion Plus
Cult. 45 album track listing:
1. The Siberian Problem 4:02
2. Follow the Rats 4:07
3. Dead Man’s Keys 5:51
4. Mane of Serpents 2:27
5. Soul Cheater 4:03
6. Journey of the Faithful 4;07
7. Sorrow Trip 6:50
8. Grey Sky 1:37

Peacemaker were formed in London in 2010. Sam Taylor and Rich Maw- former members of Humberside death metal band Infliction- contacted former Satanic Fatwa bassist Al Lawson and embarked a musical quest. Eschewing any scene, trend or nod to what was currently in vogue, they instinctively knew they had to play: True, Old School, Doom Laden Metal. 
With an album of music written and rehearsed the search was on for a vocalist. Ravens Creed (and former Satanic Fatwa) front man Al Osta was recruited from his lair in Leeds and quickly pledged his allegiance to the cause.
Death to the Betrayers. Welcome to the Fifth Circle of Hell

Al Osta – Vocals
Richard Maw – Drums
Al Lawson – Bass
Sam Taylor – Guitar

The stoner rocking doomsters, Peacemaker, are back! After getting much deserved attention from their "Album Sampler" teaser, "Cult .45" really showcases their full arsenal. With their eyes set on the horizon, these Londoners are ready to shove the barrel down your throats.

"The Siberian Problem" has riffs galore. It will have you chanting, "BLOOD AND SOIL!" with clenched fists for days. The same goes for "Follow The Rats." Al Osta's lyrics create such great imagery! Landscapes of destruction and death fill your mind in the most pleasurable way. "Dead Man's Keys" and "Mane of Serpents" let you catch your breathe and appreciate the slower pace. The sequencing of "Cult .45" is well thought out and really helps the listener enjoy the album to its fullest potential.

With your pipe reloaded and ready to go, "Soul Cheater" turns up the heat! Bust out your air guitar and try not to break a string. "Journey of the Faithful" really felt like a journey that you want to experience over and over again. A well crafted song that's over before you know it. Rich Maw's drumming, Al Lawson's bass wizardry, and Sam Taylor's riffs and solo make this song a highlight for me. Hell, this whole album is a highlight for me. A very solid release! Proof given in "Sorrow Trip," which brings the doom! This is mother-in-law heavy. Down tuned to hell and slower than your worst work day. Closing out the album, the instrumental "Grey Sky" makes you fall back to earth so that you can press play all over.

Peacemaker came with guns blazing! Loaded with heavy slugs, "Cult .45" is a triumphant debut that gets better with every listen. Pick up the CD from Distortion Plus sometime this coming week and stream it now right here, exclusively, at The Sludgelord!

Words : Jason Cantu

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available now. Thanks to Rich and Al for hooking us up with the record for review.  You can stream the record here.