Saturday 22 June 2013


The Burden of Beasts cover art

Lamprey is a Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Portland. Oregan, USA

The members are:

Spencer Norman
Justin Brown
Blaine Burnham

Firstly apologies to the band for not posting their music sooner as they have emailed me a few times now. Mainly to tell me to get myself in gear and to check them out. OK. Mission accomplished. Lamprey now have my attention.

As their blend of Doom/Stoner Metal riffs is right up my street. Their latest EP - The Burden Of Beasts is a 5 song and almost 30 minute blast of heavy crunching riffs. If you're a fan of Kyuss, Sleep and High On Fire then your going to dig this. First track Tjutjuna is excellent opener on what to expect from these great Stoner Metallers. It sets up the scene really well.

These guys know how to bring their A-Game to the table as they play with such passion and talent from the start. These guys have been around for a few years now so they know how to write and play a mean fine Stoner Metal riff.

The Burden Of Beasts is an excellent release you should all check out now. It's available on Buy Now Download on BandCamp. So headover there now if you want some top-notch Stoner Metal riffage.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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