Saturday 13 September 2014

Castration Party - Music For Cowards (Album Review)

Music For Cowards cover art

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: June 01st 2014
Label: Self Released

'Music For Cowards' CD/DD  track listing:

1.In This World 03:36
2.Atrophy 03:17
3.Days That Are Lost 02:50
4.Castration Party 03:53
5.Friend Of Last Resort 03:14
6.Downstream 02:03
7.Mountain Ash 02:42
8.Heir 05:16


Castration Party from Melbourne, Australia is a bass and drums duo consisting of Michael Brackenridge (Brain Resin, Fangs Of...) along with drummer/engineer Joel Taylor (Join The Amish, ex-The Abandonment).

Castration Party is fuelled by the iconoclastic sounds of yore such as Godflesh, Swans and Noxagt along with a healthy dose of Melvins and Man Is The Bastard


Michael Brackenridge - Bass/Vocals/Cello
Joel Taylor - Drums/Engineering


Oh Hell Fucking Yes. Thank fuck for Castration Party. A brutal as hell two-man drum and bass duo dealing in heavy industrial based Noise-Rock/Sludge Metal.

Read their bio. If you're a fan of Godflesh, Swans and The Melvins then you need to check this crazy as fuck insane band now. Especially if you're a fan of noisy dangerous sludgy dangerous riffs that gets straight down to business, causing unnecessary damage to the world around you.

'Music For Cowards' ain't an easy or pleasant album to listen to. To tell you the truth it's downright vicious and nasty and that makes it such a thrilling album. Castration Party don't give a fuck what you think as they bring your worst nightmares to life. It has a DIY PUNK ethic running through it's veins as the production can be sloppy at times though that's part of the albums charm. Castration Party push the boundaries of what is acceptable in society but at least they have the conviction to tell you how the world really is.

There are riffs to be found though it's more of the violent chainsaw variety mixed against the heavy pounding of Joel's drumming and Michael's insane use of instruments such as Cello. Michael's vocals have a life of their own as he gives these twisted rebels a distinctive voice in the realm of underground sludge metal.

If you're feeling brave enough I dare you to sit through 'Music For Cowards' without turning it off. This is a brave and bold album to release for your debut album. I hope these guys are around for a very long time as I want to see where these guys can go with future releases.

Music For Cowards is available to download now on BandCamp Buy Now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe