Wednesday 17 April 2013

Tides Of Sulfur

Eternal Bleeding Demo EP cover art

Tides of Sulfur is an Epic Sludge/Death metal with melody from Cardiff, Wales

The members are:

Anthony 'Snake' O'Shea-Shredding/Apparitions
Chris Bull-Throat/Low-End Assault/Noise
Jimbo Burston-Battery

The above description is from the band themselves and one I agree with 100%,. Tides Of Sulfur are a brutal and brilliant heavy as fuck band you can rock out to.

Their excellent demo - Eternal Bleeding Demo EP - is a 3 song and 19 minute blast of great riffs to head-bang to. Vocals have a rough edge to them but that is expected for a bands first release. First track - Grimace is a track that shows this band have huge potential. They know how to write a mean and heavy as fuck brutal riff. 

This is what I said about the band when I heard this last night and posted on the Facebook Page

What the fuck are they brewing up in Wales. This is some seriously heavy groovy fucked up riffage.

And quite a few of you liked it as well. So I have decided to publish them on the blog as they fucking deserve as much exposure they can possibly get. It's a great release full of heavy riffs that can knock you the fuck out till next week. My fave track is Walk With The Living. Pure Blissful Carnage from the start.

Yeah it's a bit under-produced but you can't deny how talented these guys are. And I want to hear more of Tides Of Sulfur. Wales has another great Sludge Metal band in their ranks. Lets see what these guys come up with next.

You can download their EP on Pay Now Deal via BandCamp. So get checking now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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