Wednesday 17 April 2013

All The Empires Of The World - CVRSVS

CVRSVS cover art

All The Empires Of The World are an Atmospheric Sludge/Ambient/Post-Metal Band from Nottingham UK

The members are:

Mark: Guitar
Damon: Guitar
Josh: Not Guitar

Now regular readers should know that All The Empires Of The World are one of my fave UK Underground Sludge/Post-Metal bands of recent years.

I have featured them here and here. All of their releases have struck a chord with me on a personal and emotional level as their music speaks volumes to me. Well the guys are back with another brutal and brilliant slab of Heavy as Fuck - Atmospheric Sludge mixed with elements of Doom, Ambient and Post-Metal.

Their new album - CVRSVS - is a 4 song and 35 minute blast of sublime Post-Metal riffs that is heavy from the start and stays that away until the very end. If your into Isis, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna and The Ocean then your going to love this.

First track - Canticle - is a 12 minute epic combining brutal Post-Metal riffs and superb distorted vocals to match. This is probably the heaviest the band have ever been. And it shows... - It's LOUD!!! - And I loved every second of it. Throw in cool traces of Ambient based noises and this is track that gets the album off to a great start.

Second Track - The Dead Language/A Sudden & Distressing Silence - carries on the heavy brutal carnage with some eerie disturbing vocals. Some of the heaviest I have heard ATEOTW actually do. It seems they have added a darker tone to their music. Before a beautiful Post-Rock melody kicks in around 1:30 mins to restore peace and calm. Which is the case until around the 5:30 minute mark before all hell fucking breaks loose. A great track to show what these guys are masters at. Mixing peaceful moods and scenes of carnage in such a disturbing way that it makes you want to embrace your darker side to rock the fuck out.

3rd Track - Paladin Curses - is another epic track to play with your emotions with the great riffs on show. Drumming is played a great mid-pace while the guitars are loud, heavy and fast as anything on the album. Before another great Ambient Based Post-Rock vibe cools things down. But you know it will be all out war again. And then the darkness rises once again.

Last Track - Auckland is a 4 minute sombre tale with cool acoustic guitars running through out. It's a peaceful track that ends the album on a high. You might think the album needs something louder to end it but not in this case. ATEOTW have poured their hearts and souls into this album. It's always good to reflect on what has came before it.

CVRSVS is another brilliant album from this great band. How the fuck All The Empires Of The World are not playing on a bigger scale. They are in my opinion the best Post-Metal band the UK has right now. High praise indeed but look back on their body of work so far and it's hard to find a band with a stunning collection of releases like they do right now. And all available for free download as well.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. 

Headover to BandCamp and download all their amazing material now. And check here for some other albums as well.

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