Sunday 17 February 2013


Arbors cover art

Arctic Sleep is a Progressive Rock/Space Rock/Doom/Post-Metal Band from Chicago and Milwaukee, USA

The members are

Keith Dulumbu - guitar, vocals, cello, bass, drums
Mike Gussis - guitar
Nick Smalkowski - drums
Dylan - bass

Arctic Sleep is a rarity for me. A band that I have never heard of but one highly thought of within the Doom/Post-Metal community. They have been around for a while and have released 4 albums to date. Regular blog viewer Martin Defatte – told the band to contact us as they were looking for people to review their amazing new album – Arbors.

And I have to thank both Martin and the band themselves for contacting me as Arbors is stunning work of art. Post-Rock, Doom, Drone, Space Rock, Prog Rock and Post-Metal collide in a perfect tapestry of sounds and vibes that will leave the listener in an uplifting euphoric mood begging for more

Arbors is one of those albums where the band becomes one of your new fave bands and Arctic Sleep have with myself. Their dream-like ambient-based heavy riffs will transport you to another world and time that you will instantly fall in love with.

Avenue Of The Giants and Geneva are two tracks that open this album with an almighty bang. They both instantly draw you into the majestic world of Arctic Sleep. Especially Geneva, which is a work of pure pop-art with Post-Metal vibes and stylings.

Imagine a more tranquil version of Tool, Deftones or Isis then that is Arctic Sleep through and through. Though they still have huge ideas of originality to call their own. Who would put cellos in a song then followed by a progressive metal guitar riffs that Opeth or Dream Theater would be proud to call their own. But Arctic Sleep have done just that with Avenue Of The Giants. A song which will confuse the heck out of you and amaze you in equal measure within it’s 4 minute running time.

And that is only the start of this truly magical album. It takes you to places you never thought imaginable but one that is only made possible by the magic of music. Arctic Sleep do include Doom Metal riffs but its mixed in with elements of beautiful orchestral elements of Prog Rock/Space Rock.

I have to praise Keith's vocals as well. It gives the album a true out-of-this-world angelic feel. Keith makes this album feel truly alive especially on the epic tracks – Black Moth, Wolf Nature, Release The River and Valley Of Poison.

All of the band members are amazing musicians. Some of the best I have heard on a release like this. They play finely tuned Post-Metal that would go down a treat with any serious rock fan. Arctic Sleep are the rare band that transcend genre boundaries. You do not have to be a fan of the genres mentioned to admire the amount of talent and creativity on show here. This is good old fashioned music driven along by superb storytelling and amazing riffs to headbang to.

The album is brilliantly produced and performed by everyone involved. Arbors is an album that is being called Arctic Sleep’s most defining work to date. With myself being a new recruit to the world of Arctic Sleep, I can tell you now it is a world I will be doing more visiting as this album is a masterpiece regardless of any genre.

Arctic Sleep are a band that demand your attention now. Arbors is the perfect place to start your journey.

WOW. End Of. Check This Band Out Now. You won’t regret it.

Arbors is available to buy from Arctic Sleep BandCamp Page.

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