Monday 25 February 2013

Rotten Sound - Species at War (Album Review)

Rotten Sound is a 4-piece Finnish Grindcore act formed in 1993. 

Their line-up consists of: 

Q - Guitars
G - Vocals
Sami Latva - Drums
Kristian Toivainen - Bass


1. Cause - 00:58
2. The Game - 00:52
3. War - 1:41
4. The Solution - 1:43
5. Salvation - 1:32
6. Peace - 1:17


Rotten Sound started ripping shit up sometime in 1993 out of Vaasa, Finland. The members were formerly known by one-letter names ( Q, G, H, and K ). They have released a plethora of material over the years of exceptional quality, setting this band apart from the rest. Their lyrical theme revolves around politics and violence. Some bands of similarity are Nasum and Wormrot.


The musicianship on 'Species At War' is truly something to marvel at.  The fact that this middle-aged Finnish quartet can, after 20 years, still sound tighter, hungrier, and unique is the most awe-inspiring quality of this release.  The fact they've been able to churn out amazing release after amazing release is phenomonal.

Rotten Sound went into the studio pissed off, refreshed, and ready to prove they still have what it takes to dominate this style of music while the imitators keep failing miserably at trying to recreate what this band pulls off seemingly with great ease.

The first thing to catch your attention upon first listen is the frantic guitar work by Mika Aalto.  Every riff on this EP proves why this man is one of the greatest guitar players in this genre.  He pulls off different styles while not making them sound forced or thrown in just for the sake of having them,  which most bands have a tremendously difficult time achieving. The guitar work is truly the tie that binds this release together.

The drums are fast, frantic, and most importantly memorable. If you're not careful you will unknowingly start tapping your foot along to the beat. The foundation of a killer band like this is SICK ASS BLAST BEATS!

The vocals are just as angry and defining as ever on this release. Keijo Niinimaa sounds just as, if not more, amazing than he did 20 years ago.  Most frontmen begin to lose some of their luster in their voice after that many years, but Keijo's vocals, like fine wine, age very gracefully and compliment this EP extremely well.

Rotten Sound are playing relentlessy as we speak alongside acts such as Martydød and Enabler with the intentions of  fucking the rest of  Europe up shortly, along with Asia and Australia. An overview of upcoming shows can be viewed HERE from their official site.

The EP is only 5 fucking bucks on Bandcamp, so you would be considered mildly mental if you don't pick this gem up immediately. You can also purchase directly through their label  Season of Mist and Relapse Records.

 Upcoming Gigs: ( Canada / US )

 Rotten Sound North American Tour 2013:

May 09 - Seattle – Highline w/ Black Breath
May 10 - Vancouver - Funky Winkerbeans
May 11 - Portland – Branx w/ Black Breath
May 12 - San Francisco – DNA Lounge w/ Early Graves
May 13 - LA – The Joint w/ Early Graves
May 14 - San Diego – Club Soda w/ Early Graves
May 15 - Phoenix - Rhythm Room w/ Early Graves
May 16 - Chicago - Reggies w/Enabler
May 17 - Detroit -TBA
May 18 - Toronto – Hard luck
May 19 - Montreal – Il Motore
May 20 - Boston- Elks lodge
May 21 - Philly – Barbary w/ Kromosom, Hellshock
May 22 - NYC – Acheron w/ Kromosom, Hellshock
May 24 - Baltimore - Maryland Deathfest
May 26 - Richmond – Strange Matter w/ Abigail
May 27 - Raliegh – Kings Arcade w/ Abigail, Speedwolf
May 28 - Atlanta - 529 w/ Abigail, Speedwolf, Kromosom
May 29 - NOLA - Siberia w/ Abigail, Speedwolf, Kromosom
May 30 - Houston - Walters on Washington w/ Abigail, Speedwolf
May 31 - June 02 Chaos in Tejas w/ Absu, Integrity

Rotten Sound - Species at War (2013)