Saturday 2 February 2013

ATRAGON - Volume 1

Volume 1 cover art

ATRAGON are a Doom Metal Band from Edinburgh, Scotland

The members are:

Jan Gardner - Vocals
Ruaridh Daunton - Guitar
Victor Vicart - Guitar
Ewen Cameron - Bass
Duncan McLaren - Drums

Previous Members

Danny Sweeney - Guitar (2012-2013)

Atragon are a relatively new band only forming in 2012. But what a fucking band they are. Heavy as fuck from the word go. The following is their own description.

"Formed in the cold, harsh winter of 2012 over a common disdain for mankind, Atragon worship at the altar of the riff. They desire only to bring about your doom through the powers of distortion, tube amplification & heathen ritual."

And Holy Fuck don't they ever worship at the altar of the riff. Their brilliant new release -Volume 1 - 2 tracks and 24 minute of pure unwanted mayhem and destruction which ozzes layers of fuzz and sludge to knock you the fuck out.

These guys are currently signed to ace UK record label - Witch Hunter Records - who are becoming a firm fave at Sludgelord. They have signed so many great bands and Atragon carry on that great tradition.

Now this record just fucking slays everything in it's sight. It's loud. heavy, filthy and creepy as fuck. But damn the riffs are the main selling point. Volume 1 is full of them. Both tracks are on past the 10 minute mark. So expect some epic and sublime riffage to shake up your pathetic existence when your listening to it.

Jan's vocals are another highlight adding a creepy and eerie dimension to the album. He doesn't hold back on the release. You can feel his pain and emotion in equal fury. Once he goes in full flight there is no stopping him.

For a demo release this is just fucking immense. I can't wait to hear these guys debut full length record as they are another brilliant band to check out from this great label.

Awesome and Highly Recommended. - What's even better you can download on Pay Now Deal or Mediafire. So you have no excuse not to miss out on this great band.

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