Saturday 2 February 2013



HANDLINGNOISE are a Progressive Post-Metal/Post-Rock Band from Helsinki, Finland.

Well folks what we have here is another brilliant band from Finland. Finland is home to some of my fave bands of recent months - BAULTA, Demonic Death Judge, Mojo Waves, Lurk and Kurouma. Quite a good pedigree in my opinion.

Now you can add HANDLINGNOISE to that list. As these epic post-metallers will blow your entire world apart. Their blend of Progressive Post-Metal/Post-Rock riffs matched with sublime Ambient Space Rock passages will leave you wanting more.

Here is a bio on how this great band started:

"HANDLINGNOISE was founded in Helsinki, Finland as an ambient/noise –project in 2007. It was started for a one-off performance at a club for experimental music. Shortly after the concert we were joined by a drummer, which opened up a load of new possibilities. Due to our different musical backgrounds and influences that range from minimal electronic music to metal our own style became very multifaceted.

We wanted to develop a distinctive sound also from the production point of view, so we started recording material on our own in 2008. In the beginning we did this at training spaces and summer cottages using our own and some borrowed equipment. As the project evolved and we realized that these recordings were growing into an album, we also went to record in a studio. We finished work on our debut album in the spring of 2012 and it was mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, Montreal, Canada."

Their excellent debut S/T album is a joy to behold. It instantly draws you in from the word go and it will have you head-banging in no time at all. The albums 6 tracks and almost 50 minute running times features impressive vocals and hard-hitting riffs to match.

Check out tracks such as El Topo and Hannibal - which show you what this great band is all about. Post-Metal greatness with added Space Rock vibes. This is an album that will take you many places you could never imagine.

The album is expertly produced and you can hear everything play to loud and wonderful effect. It's a stunning achievement from a truly great band.

HANDLINGNOISE are the real deal in the realm of Post-Metal. They have the songs and vision to back up their immense talent.

You cannot let this great album pass you by. There are really that good. What is even better you can download their album on BandCamp Pay Now Deal. You can also buy a CD of this great album their as well.

Superb and Highly Recommended.

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